Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 5/18/19

Well, hello there.  Thanks for stopping by the Reading Wrap-up this week.  It probably won't be as interesting as last week, but here goes nothing...

I picked up two new ebooks this week - a mystery and a suspense.  So, that makes nine ebooks to read - eight once I finish this one.  The oldest two date back to April 18th, so I'm not doing too bad on keeping up.  The two left from April are an UF (my current read) and a romance (up next).  I should finish those this week.  :fingers crossed:

Books read:

42) Silversword by Phyllis Whitney (5/16/19) - Romantic Suspense - 4 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  Paid 50c at St. Vinny's.
Review: "Pretty good, but I like her earlier stuff better."

41) Husk by D.P. Prior (5/15/19) - Western SF/UF*# - 4 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Picked up for free through Freebooksy.
Review: "Very well-written and gripping read. It's like a Western on another planet with demons. Which I thought was really cool. Definitely a different read. My only issue was where the author chose to go with MC at the end. Despite his flaws, I would've liked a happier outlook for Jeb. Maybe it'll all be redeemed in subsequent books, but I was left feeling a little bummed."

No DNFs.  Woohoo.

Currently reading... the UF leftover from April.  Although, as I'm reading it, I think it might be more paranormal mystery/romance than UF.  :shrug:  Either way, it's been a fun read so far.

What about you?  Read anything good last week?  Anything good on the horizon?


  1. Happy birthday, B.E.!

    One I should have DNFd, another I'm threatening to. But I reread Harry Potter this week, and that made up for the others. I love that series more each time. :-)

  2. I finishd up the Guild Codex: Spellbound series by Annette Marie. Urban fantash. New to me, not underappreciated. Enjoyed them a lot. The MC is spunky with issues and as a human newly thrust into the magic side of things, she struggles. Humor, action, and emotional tugs. I caught the first book on sale, got the others through Hoopla (library) so well worth my time.

    Started my yearly reread of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling/Trinity series because new book coming the first week of June. Always a pleasure. This is one of my Top 10 favorites series.

    And now I'm going back to bed. This chest cold/flu/bronchitis/crud is knocking me on my booty. Sleeping is the worst--I hate laying there hearing that rasp in mylungs. So I cough/hack/cough. And now my nose has finally decided to run. Thank you rain. Grrrr.

    Have a good weekend. Stay out of the weathre. Later tater. OH! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!