Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 21

Twenty-one weeks into 2019.  How the time do fly.

Still not writing or editing.  Marketing has been taking up a large part of my time this week with the OUAD sale.  I'll talk more about that on Outside the Box.  Probably Wednesday once the sale is over.

I joined 4 new FB marketing groups.  Two have accepted me and two are pending.  We'll see if that helps increase sales.  I'll talk more about that tomorrow on OTB.

The reading went well this week.

The exercise? I was active 6 out of 7 days - walking mostly and some cleaning.  I'm trying to get back to doing the hard 1.1 mile walk more often.  No change in weight, but that's okay.  At least I'm exercising enough to hold the line against all the eating.

Which leads me around to baking, etc.  Sunday, I made a pizza.  Also, this past week, I made a loaf of coconut bread (no recipe this week - it still needs tweaking) and a vat of spaghetti sauce (I don't use a recipe for spaghetti sauce).  The bread's in the fridge and the sauce is in the freezer.  We finally finished that cake, though.  And Hubs is making his way through the cookies.

As far as I can tell, the deer are still pregnant.  We should be seeing them slip away for a bit and then return a bit skinnier shortly.  Fawns to follow.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  We have nothing planned.  I didn't even remember to buy anything to grill.  But I'll be remembering those who lost their lives in defense of our country and those who have lost their lives since defending our country.  Which is really more important than whether or not we throw some meat on the fire.

Speaking of Memorial Day, the neighborhood is full this weekend.  :cringe:  The start of the summer season is upon us.  So many new people in here and some of them aren't exactly courteous, so I expect loud music, fast moving vehicles, fireworks, and a lack of decorum aplenty.  One gal was walking with a brood of children the other day and one of the boys - about 10-12 years old - decided the road in front of our house would be a good place to hock a loogie.  Gross.  And she didn't even get after him for it.  My mother would've skinned the hide of any of her children if we'd done that.  I don't advocate spitting unless you've been working hard cleaning stalls or shoveling dirt or something that necessitates cleaning out your mouth.

My timesuck game... I finished Level 35 and clicked to go to Level 36 and it was Level 1 all over again, even though it said 36.  I could've kept going and racking up points, but meh.  Been there, done that.  Time to go back to my old game.  Or find a new one.

Or maybe I could get off my butt and actually work.

Anyway, that's my week.  How was yours?


  1. I hate rude people. Just sayin'. We tend to set up speed bumps when it comes to speeders. And no, not the bodies of those rude people. But hey! That's an idea...

    This past week sucked. For reasons.

    I have a book due mid-June. If I don't start writing, I'm in deep kimchi.

    Stupid weather.

    The Cowgirls are going to the Women's College World Series. Yay!

    Still coughing my lungs up. Fun times. One upside, I'm down to 200. I was down to 196, the first time in YEARS! I'm trying to keep those pounds from finding me again.

    Hope this week is better for all of us!

  2. One advantage of living two miles down a dirt road: we rarely see tourists, even on holiday weekends. :-)

    My time suck: reading. I need to get a life! Or get back to work...

    Only a dozen more illustrations and I'll finish 1868. Yay!
    Of course, the book is well over 450 pages long, without 1869 or any pictures inserted. Oops. I plan to pull out all the collars & cuffs, and most of the trimming, and put them in other books. But it's going to be interesting trying to figure out what I can pull without shorting the time frame. I've been pretty careful with what I put in. Honest!