Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 18

Where did the week go?  Wasn't it just Sunday like yesterday?  Gah.

So here we are at the beginning of another week.  Let's see what happened in the week that flew by...

I didn't do any writing or editing.  Or marketing for that matter.  An unscheduled week off, if you will.  I really need to pull myself together this week.

What I did do was a bunch of reading.  Sure, it was only three books, but those two SF novels weren't quickie-reads.

This was the week where the Spring rains splooshed the hell out of us.  We got like 4.5 inches during the week and the lake level went up 4 feet.  It's not quite totally floody yet, though, so it's all good.

I went fishing on Friday and while there was water into the park's parking lot, I still managed to park and fish.  Didn't catch anything, but it was nice to be in the park again.

Oh, yeah, they opened the park on Wednesday.  The new park hosts seem nice.  He's British (didn't meet her other than to wave at her) and they have two cute, fluffy dogs.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm trying to be super good and obey all the weird rules so I don't get rousted again.  I parked in an approved spot and humped all my gear around to my fishing spots.  Sure enough, one of them drove down to where I was fishing to check me out. 

With all the rain, I had to go out and snip off a bunch of flowers to put in vases.  It was either that or let the flowers rot on the ground.  I have vases full of irises and peonies now.  So pretty.

In the baking arena, I made a pizza.  Homemade pizza crust really is da bomb.  Then I put pepperoni and mushrooms all over it, with extra sauce.  Yummers.  And I made another batch of cookies.  Hubs does love his cookies. 

I had to drive up and get my new plates and license on Monday.  It all went easy-peasy.  Which makes me feel bad for people who have to wait in long lines at their license office.  Here it's the local county clerk's office.  Hubs was pretty sure that since I was going on Monday morning, they'd be slammed and I'd be stuck waiting, but nope.  Yay.

Not much in the way of activity this week.  I only managed 3 days out of 7, but the weight is holding steady at 179.4, so I'm not getting after myself too hard.  Maybe I should, though. 

That's it for me this week.  How did your Week 18 go?


  1. I swear yesterday was Sunday!

    My internet keeps dropping out. Well, the modem antenna thingy is 10 years old. I hope it doesn't die on me.

    I'm deep in hermit mode, and family is coming visiting this week. Time to get my act together.

    Still plugging away on the dressmaking book. I figure the first draft is 85% done. Editing it will be a bear, though. I need to cut out nearly half! Most will go into a related book eventually.

  2. The rain! The rain! (2 point for getting the reference... ;) )

    I listened to books. Nothing spectacular but I'm commetted to this series so slogging through.

    I wrote. A little. I'm going to quit saying when I'll be done with this. Every time I do, like four days get added. I don't have time for extra days.

    Pancakes! And Mexican food! And breakfast for dinner!

    Also, a fall. Ouch. The side I DIDN'T fall on is more sore than the one I did. The bruises on my right arm run from about 2 inches above my elbow to about 2 inches above the wrist. Owie-owie. Still waiting for the swelling to go down on my left knee. Sitting for any length of time? Yeah...REALLY bad idea. I get so stiff I can barely get out of the chair much less walk. Good thing I had my phone with me. I had to text LG. He couldn't hear me screaming. Ah, the joys of getting old with big dogs.

    And that was my week. Fun times. *rolls eyes*