Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday This n That

We spent a large part of Tuesday prepping for the big storm.  It was pretty wild there for a bit, but the things we prepped were not needed.  I hope they're never needed, but it's nice to have everything in place in case the big, bad wolf ever does blow the house down.  I suspect this prepping comes from 9 years of living in Kansas-lite (ie eastern CO) where tornadoes were a very real possibility.  Here?  Not so much, but even a slim chance isn't one I want to take.  One funny thing - my prep kit from CO still had snack bars in it.  Snack bars that had expired in 2012.  Eww.  So, I guess I need to pick up some emergency rations for the kit.  Other than that, we're good.

I hung oranges out yesterday.  Here's hoping the orioles come before the ants do.  ;o)

I read something this morning about how a series based on a popular book series somehow made one of the central characters different than they were written.  Made him more SJW* acceptable, I guess.  This.  This is why I don't want any of my books made into movies or television shows.  Reminds me of a time when an author friend was in talks to have her series made into a TV show and they wanted to change a couple characters and make them a lesbian couple.  If she'd wanted them to be lesbians, she would've written them that way in the first place.  I know as a reader this sudden change of a character's persona would totally piss me off.  So, as a writer, I'll be happy to have Hollywood keep their damn hands off my stories. (Not that there's any risk of them touching my books any time soon. LOL)

For the past week or so, I've been intending to make pizza but stuff keeps derailing my intentions.  Mainly, the afternoon passes and I forget to make the dough until it's too late to make the dough and have dinner ready on time.  Derp.

Hubs and I drove out to the lake to take a look around and see how the water level is doing.  The lake's up two feet since the storms and still rising.  The water's brown and detritus is starting to float down it.  I still should've brought the fishing poles, but it's just as well I didn't because my back was feeling a little squonky.  But the park appears to be open.  I mean, the gates were open and the park host RV was there but the 'closed for season' signs were still up.  We drove around in there and then back out again.  I can't wait until I can fish in there again.

It's that time of year again when the turtles are moving around and finding themselves sitting in the road.  Please try not to hit them.  On our drive to the lake, we saw someone had hit a big ol' snapping turtle.  Come on, people, it's not like something that big is that hard to see and all you had to do was drive so it was centered under your car and slow down a little.  If I'm on a road where I can safely stop, I'll do so and get them out of the road.  Poor buggers don't know any better.  All they're looking for is a warm sunny spot and the soft shoulders on road are perfect to lay their eggs.  Give 'em a break.

The eagles have migrated north, but now the summer birds are arriving.  =o)

Oh, well, I guess I should go do something else for a while.  Have a great day.  And if you're inclined, drop a comment with whatever this-n-thats might be on your radar.

*SJW = Social Justice Warrior


  1. Okay. I'm a putz. I had to Google SJW to see what it means. Derp.

    We missed all the twirly things the past few days. Well, more precisely, they missed us. But we got the rain. Lots and lots of rain. Better than drought but man, my sinuses...

    Speaking of wet, my peony might actually fully bloom this year. That would be a first in like 20 years. Seriously. I can't believe we've lived in this house that long. I STILL haven't done anything with the flocked wall paper in what is now the dining room but technically is the living room (front door opens into it and the fireplace is there.) We turned the dining room into the library. Anywho...

    Deeders has become a daddy's girl. LG and I can't figure out why. She's taken to sleeping with him when he moves to the couch/futon in the family room. What can I say

    No sign of hummingbirds yet, but the honeysuckle hasn't bloomed either. :/

    At least I'm moving better today, post-fall. Right elbow is still tender, left knee is still stiff and sore but I can put weight on it today. I might have maybe needed stitches in the finger but that's what butterfly strips and bandaids are for, right? Luckily, the cut is on the middle phalanx of my middle finger so I can type without discomfort or messing up the healing process.

    And that's all the this I got today. Back to work. I didn't realize how freaking incomplete the end of C&B actually was. I was under deadline and word count constraint. Fixing it now, all for the better. Will luck, I might even get it uploaded today, but more likely tomorrow because my editor wants to read it over--mainly for typos. LOL

    Later, gator.

  2. LOL! I didn't know what SJW was either. I'm not up to all the latest acronyms.

    I hate when people want to 'modify' the author's original intent--especially if it's just to get on the social bandwagon.

    re: turtles
    We have been known to stop traffic when we see any creature trying to get across, but especially turtles.