Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Oh. It's Tuesday...

I slept late today, which means I didn't get up until quarter after five instead of quarter after four.  And I'm kind of brain dead this morning.  As in, it took me a bit of time to remember it was Tuesday.

As in sitting here wondering where the post I wrote yesterday didn't post this morning.  Umm, because I didn't write it.  I wrote some stuff for Saturday's reading wrap-up, but not an actual whole post.

As in discovering we had another thunderstorm last night.  Apparently it was a humdinger.  Totally missed it.  Thankfully, Hubs was monitoring it, so no worries about getting sucked up and dropped into Oz.

As in brainfarting out that I have a sale starting today.  I need to get started on marketing for that sometime soon.  After more coffee.

Thank goodness Hubs made me coffee or this morning would be a total wash.

In my defense, I took a forced-march walk after dinner last night.  One mile, twenty-two minutes. Probably tired me out enough to sleep like a rock and fog up my head.  Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.  Now I need to find a way to lift the fog. 

The coffee must be working because I just remembered I have a spreadsheet I need to do this morning.  I'm slowly getting there... and I just remembered I can't complete said spreadsheet because some data got left out and I need that before I can finish the darn thing.

Brain fog.  It's real, man.

Need more coffee.


  1. Totally real! I feel your fog, sister. I slept to 7. That NEVER happens. Cooper is usually knocking* on the bed at 5:30 wanting to go out. Sadly, once I'm up, I'm up. As a rule.

    And your cautionary tale is reminding me that I need to find a snippet for #1lineWed tomorrow. I should get on that. I also need to do some Excel work today. Contest stuffs for OKRWA. I think I have all the results back. I need to double-check that.

    Okay. I need more coffee and then to work! Hope your fog clears soon.

    *he "knocks" by sitting beside the bed and whapping the mattress right beside my shoulder with his massive paw. He does this continuously until I give up and let him out.

  2. LOL! Your "sleeping late" is my deepest sleep cycle. I'm soooo not an early bird!

    Yeah, I often sleep through thunderstorms, too.

    Wishing you tons of luck with your sale!