Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 5/25/19

Hello again!  Time for another round of what my reading life is like.

I still have 6 unread ebooks from before and I picked up two new ones yesterday morning while I was on hold (nothing's better than killing time on hold by looking at book newsletters) - a steampunk that sounded interesting and a mystery with an old lady heroine. 

Books read:

45) Ghost of a Chance (Maggie Mulgrew #1) - Cate Dean (5/23/19) - Mystery* - 5 stars.  New to me, but has plenty of reviews.
Review: "Fun mystery with a touch of romance and a pinch of the supernatural (a very small pinch, but nonetheless, a pinch)."

44) Twice Shy by Mona Ingram (5/18/19) - Romance*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Picked up as a freebie off the Ereader News Today newsletter.
Review: "What a nice little romance. Cute and sweet."

43) Crescent Calling by Nicole R. Taylor (5/18/19) - Paranormal Romance* - 5 stars.  New to me but only kinda underappreciated.  Picked up as a freebie off the Robin Reads newsletter.
Review: "Fun beginning to what promises to be a neat paranormal series."

No DNFs.

I started reading a fantasy Thursday afternoon after I finished the mystery.  The epilogue was pretty interesting, even if it did hit me in the squick factor.  We'll see what happens from here.

And that's about it for me.  What was on your reading list this week?

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  1. I'm listening my way through Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series. Neither new to me nor underappreciated but it's something of a comfort read at this point and I need a lot of that this week. Plus, the newest addition to the follow-on series comes out the first week of June. I never know how to categorize this series. Paranormal Sci-fi romance? It's set in the future. Humanity diverged into 3 groups in the past and now things are coming to a head. There are "changelings" (shifters), Psy (humans tied to a neural network with amazing psychic abilities and no emotions), and humans who are feeling left out of the genetic lottery. I think this is like my 6 (or maybe 7th) time through? Anyway. I never get tired of the books.