Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday This n That

I'm not good with remembering what day it is anymore.  Not for the whole day, anyway. 

I hate talking to customer service.  Anywhere.  But I volunteer to do it because better me than my loved ones.  I mean, I did phone stuff for work from my telemarketing job in college to my secretarial job right before I quit working for other people and began writing seriously.  About 14 years worth.  I've encountered just about every kind of call - irate people, ignorant people, heavily-accented people, argumentative people, and, lest you think all phone calls are bad, incredibly competent people.  So, it just makes sense for to throw myself on that grenade, ya know?

Anyone else ever notice that Hallmark sympathy cards are $2-3 more expensive than similar sized birthday cards?  If that don't just cork your tomaters.  Freakin' gouging.  Really makes me think less of Hallmark, lemme tell ya.

They're having a big 'pick up trash around the lake' day on Saturday.  Umm...  Yah.  They do this every year.  One day where everyone goes and picks up trash.  The sponsoring organization provides trash bags and bottles of water and has dumpsters set around so people can throw the trash somewhere other than their own garbage cans.  I find this mildly irritating.  It's something I do all the time.  But if I go sign up, I can do it on Saturday and get pats on the head and free stuff.  Oh well, at least someone else will be doing something, if only for one day.  I have encountered others like me, picking up trash on a regular basis, and I say kudos to them.  Kudos to us all, I guess.  I'd just like it all better if people would quit leaving trash all over the damn place so we all wouldn't have to pick up after them.  Jus' sayin'.

We're cereal mixers here.  My go-to is half Honey Bunches of Oats and half Life.  Hubs prefers Honey Bunches of Oats and Crunch Berries.  Sometimes Cheerios end up in there somewhere.    Sometimes I put a peach cup in mine (after I slurp the juice out).

Well, that's it for me.  Any this-n-that for you today?


  1. Uhm...ho-kay. LOL

    I got two hours of straight sleep, two hours more in bits and pieces. My eyes feel like the Mojave desert and my brain is the consistency of pudding. And not the good kind.

    Opening day is Sunday. I'm giddy!

    I'm rereading Andre Norton's WITCH WORLD, but it's hard because it's words and my eyes are giving me trouble lately. Going slow but savoring every word. I'd forgotten how much I loved that book/series.

    Today, there's not enough coffee in the world. And I'm a cereal purist, when I eat cereal. Which isn't often.

    Okay. I've procrastinated enough. Time to work.

  2. Me and Silver must've been on the same sleepless train. I too didn't get much sleep.

    I forced myself to get up, be friendly with the neighbor when she dropped by and then spent four hours in the garden. Being outside helped keep me awake, but I'm awfully tired now.