Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 9

Back around again to the Sunday Update.

First, I screwed up and did not post every day last week.  In fact, I totally missed Monday and Tuesday, thereby breaking my resolution to post every day in 2017.  Derp.  And then I posted twice on Wednesday, which was another derp moment.  In my defense... never mind, I have no defense.

Okay, so here's the dealie-bob on Week 8...

I got my edits back for Natural Causes on the 1st.  I finished that day as my last day off and then got to work on the 2nd.  As of last night, I'm 122 pages in on the 238 page total in the line by line edits, and I have a couple pages worth of edits notes I'll have to apply after I get the line by line thing done.  (I learned to do the line by line thing first, otherwise I make changes and can't find the lines she thought needed edits.)

I also did the very first things I needed to do to start editing Wish Hits the Fan - I emailed it to my Kindle and set myself up in the living room with a big notebook and a red pen.  I will start on that sometime today.

In reading, I didn't really do jack.  I'm slogging my way through a non-fic hardcover.  But that'll be put on hold until I get a handle on my double book editing thing.

I did go fishing.  Caught one keeper and we ate it.

Spent some time trying to maintain my sanity when it seems like the whole damn world has gone crazypants.  And that's no small feat, lemme tell ya.  Acronym of the week?  FFS (for f*ck's sake).  As in, 'Oh, FFS.'

Got my shot, so that'll help keep my sanity on an even keel for the next twelve weeks.  You do not want to be around me when the hormones run out.  Of course, it wasn't a smooth experience this time.  First, there was a paperwork snafu at the office wherein they thought I hadn't gotten my last shot and I had to prove it to them (thank goodness for billing).  Then my regular nurse was on vacation, so I got a temp nurse who was 'in training'.  Yeah, I cringed, too.  Then the PA tried to convince me that no, I didn't want the shot in my arm like I always get.  I'm like 'I have to have it there because I can't have it in my hip because...'  I really hate having to explain all that when it should already be in my chart which they should've already read before I got there.  :endrant:  Suffice it to say, my nurse should never be allowed to go on vacation again when I'm scheduled for an appt.  ;o)

Other than that, we had the first thunderstorm of 2017.  That was interesting.  The rest of the week was lovely, though.

How was your week?


  1. What week? I felt like I was chained to the computer. I shall live vicariously through you. ;)

    1. You can live vicariously through me, but it'll probably be pretty boring. ;o)

  2. I swear, the whole world is going crazy. I thought it would hang together for my lifetime, but now I'm having doubts. :(

    Oh, I hate getting nurse trainees. Ouch! My sympathies to you.

    I only managed 4700 words this week, and I'm not thrilled with them. Good enough for a first draft, though. I'll tweak them when they've had time to ferment a bit. :-)

    1. Yep, it's crazypants out there, Deb.

      I've been poked so many times throughout my life I can tell the good ones from the bad ones right away. This gal wasn't the worst poker I've ever gotten, but she wasn't good either.

      Bummer. I hope this past week was a better one for you. :hugs: 1st drafts always suck. Thank goodness for editing. :hugs: