Saturday, March 11, 2017

Satuday Fishing Report - 3/11/17

Welcome back again to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.

First off, let me make something clear.  I bank fish.  For the most part, I use worms.  I catch plenty of fish. And I enjoy myself immensely.  Which, I would think, is the point.  Apparently there's some kind of boat vs bank bias.  Meh.  We have a boat.  We use it sometimes.  But when I'm by myself, which is most of the time, I don't take the boat.  I've actually had better luck from the shore.  And WAY better luck with worms than lures.  :shrug:  As long as you're catching fish and enjoying yourself, it shouldn't matter.

Saturday 3/4 - It was a gorgeous morning, so I went to the park.  The idea was to go to that spot where I almost caught the whopper walleye.  Too bad for me, someone was already there.  I went elsewhere in the park, but no bites.  Then I had to use the facilities, and noticed that guy had moved, so I went to the spot I had originally intended.  But by then, it was too late.  I got a few bites, but no fish.  Still, enjoyed myself and it was, like I said, gorgeous out.

Sunday - Woke up to gray skies and 50+ temps.  Perfect.  I went to my main go-to fishing spot.  Got there at like 8:50am.  (Just in time for the wind to start gusting, btw.)  By 9am, I already had a fish on.  It fought like a champion and I wasn't really sure what I had hooked.  Turned out to be my first good-sized smallie.  14.5" smallmouth bass.  Felt like a male (no fat egg-belly).  About 10am, I caught an 11" spotted bass.  Long about 10:30, I hooked into another big fighter.  When I got it in, it was a 16" spotted.  My biggest bass yet.  Fat with eggs.  I swear she had to be over 2lbs.  With great sadness, I put her back.  Finally, about fifteen minutes later, I caught a little 4-5" bluegill.  By 11, I was tired of fighting the wind, so I went home.  2hrs/4 fish.  On worms.

Monday - Went out in the morning.  It was cooler and sunny.  And windy, of course.  I tried that spot where I almost caught that hog walleye.  Nope.  Not a bite.  Then I went back to the go-to spot.  Nope.  So I wandered around.  I finally got some back deep in a little cove, but they were all worm thieves.  So I put the pole down and pulled line.  Came home with a half dozen sinkers and a weird lure.  

Thursday - Tried the afternoon fishing thing again.  The temps were in the mid-70s and the breeze was nice.  It was blowing north, which works better for me at the go-to spot.  Got out there around 3:30pm.  Didn't catch anything until almost 5.  An 11" spotted bass.  Shortly after, I almost got what I guess was a 12-13" inch spot.  It shook it's head about two feet from shore and got off.  The only other things biting were little worm thieves.  I left at 5:20 because a storm was rolling in.  Thunder and standing on the bank with a graphite rod in your hands do not mix.

That's it for me this week.  Have a great next week and get out in nature, if you can.


  1. When is spawning season over so you can keep some of the keepers? And spring is here. More fishing to come! :)

    1. Not really sure when it ends. Especially this year when everything's been so ahead of schedule. I guess I'll know when I stop catching bass with big fat egg bellies.