Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 3/25/17

Saturday 3/18 - It was a beautiful day.  I went out in the afternoon with Hubs and got skunked.  Noteable part of the day:  That guy a while back who was shouting expletives at the top of his lungs was back on the creek.  Umm, yah.  I think he needs to find a new hobby before he bursts an aneurysm. 

Sunday - Another gorgeous day.  I went to my go-to spot, but there were campers, so I left.  Went to another spot.  Got skunked.

Tuesday - The last gorgeous day before a Wednesday cold snap.  I got right out at the go-to spot by 8am.  Unfortunately, it's east-facing and the sun was in my eyes on and off.  I did catch a 12" spotted bass.  They were biting like crazy.  Too bad for me, a storm blew in.  I saw lightning before I heard any thunder close by.  Not wanting to get zapped, I said goodbye to the fish and went home.  Of course, it cleared up about an hour or so later.  I went back out in the afternoon.  It was warm and sunny, and windy as all get out.  I tried the go-to spot again, but the wind was so bad I couldn't get a good cast out.  I went to a different locale where there wasn't any wind, but there also weren't any bites.  I did find a brand-new looking lure (research shows it's a Spro Rockcrawler 55 in Red Crawfish - retails at $9.29* - cha ching), though, so not a total loss.

Thursday - I had an errand to run up north of here, so I took my gear.  Hit the lake about 9am.  It was the actual lake near a boat ramp and a highway bridge.  I fishing from the bridge to the boat ramp to the cove beyond the ramp.  Not a solid bite anywhere.  Another gorgeous day, though.  Found two lost spinner baits, a few hundred yards of line, hooks, and sinkers.

Friday - Perfect morning for fishing, but I got out later than I planned.  Hit the go-to spot about 9am again.  Winds were SSE at 18mph, which meant the wind was blowing up the river toward the creek.  What was weird was that the current of the creek was slamming into the wind blow current of the river and making an interesting spot on the surface.  As soon as I started throwing my bait there, I started getting hits.  Bluegill only, but man, was it fun.  Caught 5 bluegill - 5.5", 6", 7.25", 8" and 8.25".  The last two I brought home and filleted.  I should've kept the 7.25", too, but I've gotten spoiled on 14" bass.  Boy howdy was that 7 a fighter, though.  I thought I had a spotted bass on the line.  Nope.  So, I guess it earned its right to not be food.  It might not be so lucky next time.  I left the river about 11am - running from a storm I could see headed my way. 

Well, that's it for me.  Not sure what the week ahead will bring.  I'm on deadline and I have a lot of editing to do before the 30th.  Still, fishing is a great way to take a break.  We'll see how it goes.  ;o)

Have a great coming week, and get outside a little if you can. 

*This might explain why the expletive shouter shouts like he does.  If he's paying $10 a lure and losing them, that is.   I get mad when I lose a $1.98 lure - which I did on Sunday - but I swear under my breath. Just a very soft shiiiiit.

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  1. I suspect this will be a good weekend to stay inside and edit. Cloudy and chilly here so likely the same up your way since the front came through here last night. Another chance of rain tomorrow. I have revisions for my October book. I really need to do them because lots of ripping and tearing. Just can't get my head wrapped. Maybe after one more cup of coffee...

    The Cards are televised today. I'll click on to them about noon. Maybe with that droning in the background I'll get in work mode. I did read through all my disparate snippets written for NIGHT FIRE. I have lots of arranging and filling in blanks to do. Plus I need to organize Roman's story for the Penumbra Papers. I'm hoping for a Halloween release. No title yet.

    Yeah...10 o'clock and absolutely no motivation. Maybe I'll do laundry...