Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday This n That

I'm really not sure where my head has been lately.  I totally screwed up Sunday's post.  I totally missed Tuesday's post.  But I'm here for Thursday.  That counts, right?

Monday got into the 80s here.  Tuesday was in the 70s.  Yesterday?  Freakin' 50s again.  Yuck.  As of typing this post last night, I felt gross.  I blame the rollercoaster weather.

I've been watching the Dr. Pol marathon all week this week.  (It's a daytime thing, so if you're not seeing it, that could be why.)  I've watched so much Dr. Pol, I can now predict what the diagnosis will be for quite a few of the cases.  The other day, I was watching a different vet show and telling the TV vet there that he needed to call Dr. Pol because the doc had experienced that very thing several times and knew just what to do.

When I was a freshman in high school, I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I even joined the local Explorer post for veterinary medicine.  I stayed with the Explorers - which ended up being kinda lame - longer than I should've because there was this guy in the post who was way hot.  The only thing other than the guy that I remember is a trip to visit a local dog breeder.  I was really excited about going and then it turned out to be this chick who was breeding bulldogs in her basement.  It was creepy and dark and smelled like poo.  Oh, the dogs all looked fine and were well kept and socialized, so not a puppy-mill, but totally not anything to live up to my excitement.  Totally wrecked the last vestiges of my excitement over the Explorers, though.  Plus, the guy totally wasn't interested in me.  Harsh.

Then I wanted to be a clinical psychologist.  Totally into delving into the human psyche.  Totally not into a lifetime of daily contact with mental people, though.  I switched majors my sophomore year in college.

I really should've been an engineer, but I suck at math.  I am awesome at figuring out ways to do things, though.  I was the one who built dams out of rocks and sticks.  I dug canals to move other water from where I didn't want it to elsewhere - usually out of the driveway and into the ditch.  When I'm trying to fall asleep, sometimes I try to puzzle out the problem of turning water into a usable, safe and cheap fuel.  H2O - hydrogen and oxygen both extremely flammable gases merged into something totally non-flammable.  If we could find a way to separate those atoms in small amounts to make the explosions minuscule, we could drive anywhere without relying on gas stations.  Yeah, I think about these things sometimes.

What about you? 

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  1. Wow...I'm sorta speechless over all that. LOL

    So...All the THIS that's on my radar is all rantypants so I'll hold my tongue.

    Moving on to the THAT, I have a new book out. It's doin' pretty good so I am happy. However, I have revisions to make on my July book and that doesn't make me very happy, though my editor told me that the song lyrics I made up (the hero is a country music star) are the best "fictional" lyrics he's ever read. So there's that. ;)

    And I guess that leaves ANOTHER...I got my wish. USA beat Japan, Puerto Rico beat the Netherlands so it was a USA/Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic final. It was a win either way for me because...USA or Yadi Molina (my favorite Cardinals player and catcher on the PR team!) USA came on strong and won 8-0. Sad for Yadi but happy for the USA who's been skunked before this year. :D

    Oh, and tomorrow is Friday. For whatever that means to those of us who don't really pay attention to days of the week. LOL