Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Fishing Update - 3/4/17

Hey all, and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers...  Let's jump right into it, shall we?

Sunday 3/5 - It was overcast and cool when I started fishing about 2:30pm.  The bank thermometer said 47F.  No wind here at the house, but a pretty good breeze going out at the river.  Hit the go-to spot again, because, hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Sure enough, the bass were biting.  I was on the river proper for about 10 minutes with no bites, so I moved to the feeder creek where it enters the river.  Wham!  12" spotted bass.  Then nothing so I moved to the river just off where the creek enters it.  Got some bites.  Then I got hung up and my feet were beginning to hurt from standing, so I rigged back up and went to my favorite spot where there's a good sittin' rock.  Nothing farther out, but up close wham! 12.5" spotted bass.  Put it back and threw out again.  Nibbles and a 6" bluegill.  Threw out farther and wham! 13.5" spotted bass.  Then nothing.  Went back to the creek a little ways in from where it enters the river and there's a bit of a sandbar.  Wham! 14" spotted bass.  Nothing for a little while, so I threw out into the creek away from the sandbar as far as I could cast.  It drifted about 5-10' closer and wham! 15.25" spotted.  Kept her.  Since each successive catch was bigger than the last (excepting the bluegill) I kept fishing, but they stopped biting.  About 5:30pm I went home.  Cleaned that fish and discovered it was a girl.  Full of eggs.  Crap.  So, that's the last keeper I'll be keeping until after the spawn.  Gotta make sure we have loads of babies for future years of fishing, doncha know.  Kinda sucks, cuz I do love me some panfried spotted bass.  Yummers.

Monday - went to the same place with Hubs.  Got there about 3:30pm, fished until 5:30.  It was a little warmer and a little windier, but otherwise same same. Not a ding dang bite.

Tuesday - ate Sunday's fish.  It was awesome.  

Thursday - out in the afternoon to the same place.  It was in the low 60s with a stiff wind, blowing in the opposite direction as Monday.  This made for some really awesome long casts and I got some major bites.  Something out there was nailing my bait.  I suspect walleye.  Anyway, whatever it was, I didn't catch it.  But I didn't get skunked. I landed one 5-6" bluegill.  Go me.  As I was leaving at 5pm, a man arrived with his kids, a little boy and a little girl.  They had their little rods.  It was so cute.  I told him things were starting to bite and he asked what I was fishing for.  I told him anything I could get, then I mentioned that I'd caught a bluegill.  Upon hearing this, the little boy lit up.  "BLUEGILLS?  I LOVE BLUEGILLS!" then he took off running toward where I'd been fishing with his sister behind him.  So cute.

If you've got kids, take them fishing.  I wish I'd done that with the Kid.  Looking back, it makes me sad I didn't.


  1. I went fishing with my dad a lot. When we lived in a subdivision with a private lake, I took Only. She loved catching sunfish. Not worth keeping but awful fun for a kid to catch. :)

    1. I remember going fishing with my dad, but not a lot. I think it was because I let a fish take his pole when I was like 5. LOL. That's awesome that you took Only. Time for them to take Storm. And, yeah, sunfish are awesome to catch. Here I'm getting like 8-10" sunfish, worth keeping and so tasty. I got a 10" redear sunfish last year and the meat was like bass. Yummers.