Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday This n That

We have hard water here.  Since the build up is white, I'm going with excess calcium.  Maybe magnesium.  Not a big thing, since I prefer the taste of hard water over soft water, but it does mean I have to spend time cleaning the coffee maker.  I run vinegar through it whenever it gets really slow and chugs/sputters.  It makes the whole house smell like pickles, but we're willing to put up with that to get our coffee faster.

Vinegar is one hell of a cleaning tool, btw. 

Since I can't take anything I read in the news at face value anymore, I'm spending a lot of time cross-checking.  And a lot of time ignoring shit. 

Speaking of ignoring shit, I decided to stop watching Jeopardy until they stop with the slanted answers.  Facts, people.  Not opinions.  Also, I think they really need to stop having kids on the show.  The maturity level just isn't there for them to compete.  First the thing last year with the little girl who was crying because she didn't make Final Jeopardy.  Then this latest thing with the college student who flipped the bird at Alex on camera, and then later said it was a political statement.  Personally, I think he was just being an asshole and then thought he could get away with his disrespectful behavior by saying it was a statement, because as we're all learning, certain people can say anything and do anything if they spin it as a political statement.


Anyhoo, I got my edits back last night.  I wasn't ready for them.  I mean, I am ready to get back to work, but I wasn't ready to see how imperfect Natural Causes would be.  On the bright side, the notes aren't that bad.  I'm setting a target date for publishing this at April 15th.  Could be sooner, but I don't want it to be later.  Keep your fingers crossed.

One of the things my editor pointed out is that Accidental Death has chapter titles and the draft of Natural Causes didn't.  Truth?  I forgot.  I mean, I did think about it.  I meant to add them in.  And then I forgot.  Derp.

I ordered plants.  Michigan Bulb Co. is having a sale - buy one, get one for .99.  I got 2 butterfly bushes, 6 lavender plants, and a freebie mixed bag of sun-loving bulbs.  I'm also planning on picking up some hollyhocks at the Wallyworld.  Maybe some daisies.  I want daylilies, but I think the deer will eat those, so we'll see.

Well, that's it for me again this week.  Howz 'bout you?


  1. Tension. My edits need more tension. Mr. Editor is correct, upon rereading (he always is, dagnabit, but that's why I <3 him). The thing is due back to him today. I'm on page 82 of 200. *flail*

    Yeah, I've messed up continuity on a couple of my non-HQ books. It happens.

    LG made it back from DC physically in one piece and with his brain intact. I was worried he'd have a concussion from bouncing his head against the halls the Congress.

    Vinegar and newsprint is great for cleaning windows. Apple cider vinegar is great for strep throat. I need to treat our coffee maker but since it keeps a reservoir of water heating, it takes like 10 refills to dilute the vinegar taste--which makes coffee suck.

    I need to get off the net now. But I don't want to go to work. Ugh. I'm going to sleep this weekend. Right after Stormegeddon's birthday party Saturday. LOL


    1. Whew. Thank goodness it's your writing that needs more tension. Lord knows life doesn't need any more. ;o)

      Yay for LG making it home in one piece and still sound of mind.

      I hope your weekend has been restful. I mean, other than Storm's party.

  2. I prefer the taste of hard water too, but it's hard on the pipes.

    I was supposed to work in the garden today and turn over some beds, but I think I might be coming down with something so I plan to take it easy today.

    1. Hubs replaced all the pipes here with Pex. Now we only have problems with the remaining bits of metal left.

      I hope you didn't come down with whatever you were thinking was coming your way. :hugs: