Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 12

Hello again.

This past week was an exercise in toadness.  Not even sure what happened there.  It was Sunday and then it's Sunday again. 

I'm up to about 93% done with making edit notes for Wish Hits the Fan.  I'll get that done this morning, then start inputting those edit notes.  One of the chapters near the end will be pretty much a rewrite. Since I was a moron and didn't number my chapters while I was writing the book, I have no clue which one.  All I know is that it's lame.  Other than that, I like how it's coming together.

I spent most of the week hypnotized by the Dr. Pol marathon.  It wrapped up last night with his 100th episode, so I should be able to shake myself off and do something this week.  I did learn few things, though.  1)  Familiarity really does breed contempt.  By about halfway through, everything Charles did irritated me.  2)  If I really had to, I could probably repair a left displaced abomasum.  3)  How to treat milk fever.  4)  Goat polio is a thiamine deficiency.  None of this will be useful in my life.  (Except maybe #1.)

Still dry on the reading front.  Reason?  See the paragraph about editing. Then remember that I edit on my Kindle.  Which isn't really an excuse, because I have paper books and another Kindle.  I keep picking up paperbacks and setting them on my end table, then returning them to the shelves.  Nothing's sparking my interest - because I'm editing, I think.  :shrug:

Spent a lot of time fishing.  Even caught a couple keeper bluegills.  Not enough for a meal, but it's a start.  It's just nice to have fish in the freezer again.  (Fish that didn't come from Gorton's, that is.)

Well, that's it for me.  You got anything to crow about? 


  1. I've been in an editing slump. I have about a week left to really rip into RDR#7 but I haven't even opened the file yet, despite all the good things my editor said. I just can't get in gear. I spent yesterday looking at my next (sort of) two personal projects. I want to get NIGHT FIRE finished and published and I hope to get the next Penumbra Papers novel out on Halloween. It needs a LOT of work. I'm going to try to get organized and get off my brain-dead hamster wheel and dedicate at least one day a week to each of those projects while spending time on all the rest.

    I'm still doing a re-listen to the In Death series. And I did find a novella (1st in a series) that I enjoyed. It's .99 cents and was worth it. It's about dragons, so that's a win. LOL (TEMPTED BY FIRE by Erin Kellison). Then I discovered that WITCH WORLD by Andre Norton is on Kindle Unlimited so I grabbed it to read. I have almost that entire series in 1970s paperback but I hate to read them--fragile. So yay for KU and reading it on Kindle.

    Weather is warming up but chance of storms tonight. Ah, springtime.

    And that just about sums up my life at the moment. Whee.

  2. Despite various appointments, I finished 6200 words this week. I'm a bit behind schedule.

    And it's all Harry Potter's fault! ;-) I'm rereading the series, and totally immersed. Even dreaming about it. Love J.K. Rowling.
    My dearest wish is to tell a story half as well as she does!