Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 4/1/17

It's April Fool's Day, but I don't celebrate that, so this is an actual fishing report...

Sunday - On the river at my go-to spot.  Man, was the water muddy from Thursday night's 2.4" of rain.  Full of crap - sticks, twigs, logs, leaves, garbage.  My sittin' spots are slowly disappearing beneath the water again.  :shrug:  Screwed around with worms, trying not to snag underwater detritus.  Finally started getting bites at a little cove off the river.  Landed one red-ear sunfish.  8.25".  Waited another hour, but didn't get anything else.  Which is too bad.  I love eating red-ear sunfish.

Tuesday - Hubs and I went out in the afternoon.  And it had come up even further.  We started out at the go-to spot, but weren't catching diddly-squat.  Then we went to the park - because bathrooms - and settled in on the chunk rock bank of a feeder creek to the main lake.  Hubs was trying out different lures and I was using worms.  Got some hits in one spot, but not sealing the deal.  Moved to a spot where I could sit down and just ignored the bobber for a while.  Until it slowly sank into the water.  Set the hook and the fight was on.  I'm yelling 'got something big on' and Hubs, being the gentleman he is, reeled in and headed my way.  I landed it without a net (which was good because we didn't have one with us.)  Walleye.  16".  Nice fat, healthy little cigar there.  Two inches too short, but that's okay.  Except he was it for there.  So we moved back to the go-to spot.  Nada until I let the worm drift closer to shore.  Wham.  5-6" bluegill.  First time I ever saw a bluegill jump out of the water.  Must've been doing his bass imitation.

Wednesday - Bad weather predicted for the afternoon, so I went out in the morning.  Got to the park with the ledges about 8am.  It was nice and cloudy with a little breeze and in the upper 40s.  About an hour went by and I was just getting into some nice bites when it started to sprinkle.  No biggie.  Then in the distance, I saw lightning.  I waited.  It took a good long time for the thunder to reach me, so I figured I was good for a few more casts.  Then it started to sprinkle harder, so I reeled in and started to pack up.  I heard the rain coming at me from across the lake so I packed faster, but not fast enough.  It was like some upended a bucket.  I scurried toward the treeline and beat feet up the hill toward my car.  The trees helped a little, but I was soaked by the time I got my stuff into the car and hopped into the driver's seat.  Soaked and totally out of breath.  I've gotten to where the hill isn't a big deal anymore if I take it slow.  Quick timing it?  Not so much.  And, of course, the weather subsided and we never did get the bad weather in the afternoon.  Bleh.  

Friday - Started out about 8:30am.  Went to a place I know of - a cove off a feeder creek to the main lake -- one with loads of dead trees.  A bit nippy at only 48F, but I was layered.   I mainly went there to see how the rising lake level had affected my fishing spot there.  Yah, I'm down to about 10 foot left of bank.  Another inch or two of rain and the shore will be impassable by foot again.  Bummer.  Anyway, I tried a bunch of different things, but only got bites on worms.  Caught a 13" spotted bass.  Then nature was calling, so I went to the park where they have restrooms.  Fished for a while there off the ledges on the main lake, but the water was so full of crap I was spending more time pulling leaves off my rig than fishing and nothing was biting for me.  (Two guys on a boat nearby were catching, but nothing big.)  Then I went to the place I caught the walleye on Tuesday.  Nada.  By then I was tired and my back was acting up from the lack of seating, so I went home.

That's it for me.  Here's hoping for a good next week.  I have some actual writing work to get done so I can publish my next book by the 13th, so it might be slim.  I still plan on getting out in the outdoors, though, so we'll see.  Have a great week and spend some time outside yourselves.  It'll do you a world of good.  ;o)

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  1. We have rain supposedly coming today and tomorrow and then a nice run of early spring weather in the 60s. I like that idea. Not sure I'll get outside this weekend though I am meeting the family for Mexican for lunch. That's a yay! Then it's back to revisions. :/