Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 4/22/17

Hello again and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers...

Easter Sunday - Yes, I went fishing on Easter.  We ate early and then it was just another day here, so I went to my go-to spot.  Anyway, the place was way busier than I thought it would be.  When I first arrived, some dude was hitting golf balls into the creek while his two small children stood at the edge of the parking area.  Then, once his friends had their boat ready, off they all went.  I took my gear and went to some ledges overlooking the river.  The bluegills were voracious little worm stealing bastards.  I caught 4 of them using just shy of a dozen worms.

Toward the end of my fishing excursion, a teenage boy on a wave runner decided he was going to sit in the river across from where I was fishing and fuck around.  He did donuts.  He waited for boats to come by so he could jump their wakes.  He was generally making an ass of himself.  Then he got bored and started trying to run over the Canada geese.  I was so pissed, but ultimately impotent.  Lucky for the geese, they're smarter and faster than that little shit, so no one got injured.

Monday - There was nothing on TV and I didn't feel like doing anything, so I went fishing.  Got out to the lake about 3pm and went to the park first.  Caught two bluegills about 6 or 7", but I was on a west facing shore and it was getting hot there, so I moved to the other side of the park where there was shade.  Nada.  Soooo, I moved to my go-to spot.  Got there about 5:30pm and cast out toward the point of where the creek meets the river.  Not long after I caught an 11" spotted bass.  Cast out again and almost landed a larger spotted bass (maybe 13"), but it got off about a foot from shore.  My fault for trying to horse it.  Then the bites there stopped, so I moved to somewhere I could sit and the bluegills were tearing me up.  Caught one of those *about 6"), but the rest were too wily. Left there about 7pm.

I found a lure on the east side of the park.  A little baby shad rattletrap.  I thought I'd try it when I got to the go-to spot.  Cast out, reeling slow, but nothing was interested, so I reeled in fast.  Just as I  got it almost to the ledge where I was standing, a big hog of a bass swooped out from the depths by the ledges headed for the lure.  It turned away at the last minute and I couldn't get him interested again.  That's the closest I've come to catching anything with a lure.  Ever.

Thursday - I went out in the morning, but I had some errands to run before I went fishing.  Then I got chatting with a friend of mine and never did get to the lake.  Lucky for me, it was still pretty good fishing weather in the afternoon - rainy, cloudy, warm.  And I managed to get Hubs out with me, so it was even better.  We got out about 4pm.  First thing, he gets a 10-11" spotted bass.  I moved over near him and was catching bluegills.  One time I was reeling in to check whether the bluegills had stolen my worm and two big spots followed my bait in.  Another time, I caught a 6" bluegill and when I threw it back in the water, a big bass came out from under the rock and tried to eat it.  So, I convinced Hubs to put a lure on and try that spot.  Nothing.  I put a fake fish on and tried.  Nothing.  Back to worms.  Caught an 8" bluegill, but threw him back because I didn't feel like cleaning gills.  A little while after that, caught another bluegill, threw it back, and damned if that big bass didn't try to eat it, too.  The whole time, I was seeing that damned spotted bass swimming back and forth in front of me, about 3-4' from shore and less than that deep.  Rude.  We left about 6:15pm and I told that fish I'd get him next time.  ;o)

That was it for me for the week.  We'll see what the next week brings.  

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  1. Next time you see the little shit, get the registration number of the wave runner and call him into the wildlife rangers. *nods*

    Sometimes, the fun is just catch and release. :D