Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday This n That

I've had my head up my editing / formatting / publishing this week.  My eyes are grainy.  My brain is short-circuited.  My ass is flat.  But I'm nearly done. 

The other day at the lake, I got to watch an immature eagle attempting to catch fish.  It missed both times, but I suspect with all the crud in the water, it may not have been going after an actual fish anyway.  Then it flew away.  Pretty neat to watch, though.

Crud in the water...  It's rained A LOT here lately. Which has washed branches, limbs, logs, leaves, twigs, sticks, etc. into the water.  The water is very brown with all the mud.  There's some garbage, too, but not a huge bunch.  I tried to get a big, pink, plastic funnel out, but it was too far away and I couldn't hook it with my rig.  I also saw what I thought was a Folgers red coffee container floating down the river, but I couldn't reach it either.  I got a beer can and two Styrofoam cups out, though.

Speaking of rained a lot, the lake is up about 6 feet from its lowest point this year.  Still about 3 feet below 'normal pool'. 

That's all I got, unless I delve into things that piss me off and there just isn't enough coffee in me to face that crap yet.  What have you got for me?

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  1. I got nuttin'. Brain is pudding. I should be working but brain is pudding. Eyes are giving me fits so can't read and listening to audio books sometimes keeps me awake...or I'll doze off with the book running, wake up and have to backtrack to the last spot I remember. Need to get out of the slump. I even forgot to post on my own blog today. Ah well.

    Hang in there.