Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 15

First, I hope y'all either had or are continuing to have a Happy Easter - whether you celebrate it or not.  Mine's pretty much over - we ate muchly of the ham and that's about it - so time to get back to regularly scheduled programming.


I took last week off for the most part.  With Natural Causes released and everything, and WHTF not due anywhere any time soon, I did next to nothing in the work department.  Oh, I did some marketing because AD was on sale.  (Still is through tonight.)  And I did some marketing because NC is a new release.  But not much.

Anyway, Friday I did work on some WHTF edit notes.  Then I got tired and went to bed.  One page of those checked off.

Did a bit of fishing.

Got quite a bit of reading done.  Looking back, I finished 5 books last week.  Make Them Pay by Allison Brennan, Good Bad and Sexy by Jennifer Lyon, Dead Before Dying by Kerry Schafer, The Delta Factor by Mickey Spillane, and Call of Duty by Louis Scott.  Only Louis Scott was new to me.  I'm now one book ahead of schedule on Goodreads.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Everything is doing its thing in the gardens.  Blooming: Irises, Dutch Irises, Azaleas, Bugle Weed, Roses, lily-of-the-valley, marigolds, snapdragons.  Soon to bloom: peonies, columbine, more roses, hydrangea, more irises.  Everything has leaves now.  My new hollyhocks are finally starting to poke up through the ground.  The new bulbs are still shy.  The new lavender?  It's hard to tell whether that's doing anything.

We have a new bunny in the yard.  BunBun2.  Although, there might be two of the bunbuns.  It's hard to tell, but I think the one we saw in the front yard is not the same one who came up on our porch.

That's it for me.  How's about you?


  1. Happy Easter to you and Bunbun2! :-)

    I finished the first draft of C6, and started working on C5 fixes - I got smart, for a change, and made a list of my overused words. I finished "enough" today. Only eleven to go. Sigh. Oops, a crutch word!

    It's taking all my willpower to stay out of C7's outline until C5 is published!

  2. I didn't get near enough done last week. Ah well. Deadlines will force my hand soon enough. I pledge to do better this week. *nods*

    Weekend was a mix of "business" (chapter meeting) and family--good eats and fun times.

    I'm doing less reading (eyes) and more listening. I'm up to #34 in the In Death series. I'm like 11 books ahead of schedule on Goodreads. Amazing how much I can listen to when I don't sleep at night but the brain is too fuzzy to focus on creating my own words. LOL Time to knuckle down.