Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday This n That

I haven't been to a McDonald's in ages.  Until yesterday.  Thus, it was the first time I'd seen the updated nutrition crap.  Next to each menu item is the caloric content of said item.  As if seeing how many calories a cheeseburger is would stop me somehow from placing an order for one.  I got two and a medium chocolate shake.  Ate the burgers in the car between errands and washed them down with the shake.  As an aside, why is McDonald's now putting whipped cream and a cherry on their shakes?  It's a drink, not dessert. Sheesh.

Which reminds me.  In Utah, shakes are super thick, so you can't drink them.  Really inconvenient for drive-thru when they hand you a shake and a spoon.  "What the hell am I supposed to do with this??  If I'd wanted a Frosty, I'd have gone to Wendy's."  Which explains why they looked at me weird the first time I ordered a shake and asked for a straw because they forgot to provide me one.

Yesterday was a road trip day.  I had to get the car's tags renewed.  Half hour up to the county seat.  But first, I had to get my car's safety inspection renewed.  But first, I had to dig up my personal property tax receipts from the last two years.  Slid all that into a file along with my insurance card and off I went.  My usual inspection site only has one certified inspector, and he was out sick.  It's not rocket surgery, but it has to be done by a certified inspector.  (The inspection consists of making sure all the lights work - headlights, turn signals, flashers, reverse lights. And that the horn beeps.  That's it.)  So, I go home.  Find another certified inspector and off I go again.  Get that done.  Head up to 'town' wherein I have to wait for a half hour for someone certified to flash all my lights.  The whole time I'm in the waiting room with a woman who can't stop jujetding.  Juh-je-ding?  Anyway, bouncing her knee up and done.  Which wouldn't have been bad but she was obese and the floor was less than stable and she was shaking the chairs.  Then she started tapping her ring against the metal of her cane.  Tap tap tap, tap tap tap... all the while creating a 4.5 earthquake.  I was seasick and on my last nerve.  I went out for a cigarette.  The other inmate of the insane asylum went out for a smoke, too, and we have a lovely chat.  But by then I was getting hangry.  Hence, McD's.  The DMV actually only took like 5 minutes, which was awesome.  The actual driving was smooth and uneventful.  My side-trip to buy cigarettes also quick.  I got home an hour earlier than Hubs expected me.  And I was still ranting about the juhjeder. 

Don't worry, Hubs didn't know what a juhjeder was either.  It's just a term we've always used in my family to refer to people who bounce their knees.  It's a sin in my house.  And Hubs had never encountered the word because it was bred out of me to do it, and I bred it out of the Kid.  Knee bouncers... the bane of my mother's - and therefore my - existence. 

Maybe not having been around a juhjeder in over a decade made me particular sensitive to it.  That's about the closest I've come to wanting to exercise some of my fictional serial killing skills in years.  Argh.

On a happier note, we have a bunny visiting the yard again.  The first bunny since last year's vehicular homicide of Bun Bun.  I have, of course, named this one Bun Bun.  If it works, why mess with it, eh?

On another happy note, I finally figured out what bird has been eluding my identification of its song for the last 4 years.  It's a white-throated sparrow.  I identified them visually years ago.  I just had never put the song together with the bird.  Finally, I heard the song and saw the bird making it.  I was inordinately happy about that. 

This is probably why a friend got me a shirt that says BIRD NERD.

What's on your this n that skinny today?

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  1. I think your Carolina wren came to visit. No, not really. We've had a couple of mating pairs for years. They ARE noisy little buggers and they start up way before daylight. With the windows open, I hear them. Still, kinda nice here in the 'burbs.

    LOVINGloving NATURAL CAUSES. Just sorry eye troubles don't let me read as fast/long as I'd like! Sucks.

    90% chance of rain today with a side of thunderstorms. Local guy thinks most of those will fire up east of us. Works for me. We need the rain. Not so much the storms.

    I am going to write today no matter what. It may be crap but it'll be new words! Time for more coffee and words. *nods* ... yawns ... wanders toward kitchen