Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 17

Well, it's the last day of April.  Woohoo.  And this last week has been a pisser.

Monday at 9:30am we lost internet, which we got back Tuesday at 9pm. Then we lost power at 1:30am on Wednesday, which we got back at 4:15pm.  Thursday was nice. Friday and yesterday it rained and rained and rained.

I got some small bit of editing done on WHTF, but my brain was elsewhere.

I read a bit.  A finished Calumet K (literary) and The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare (mystery).  I started on another mystery and I'm about halfway through that, but right now, I can't remember the title and I don't feel like looking.

I fished a little.

As for the rain, it's raised the lake level from 919.44' above sea level on Friday to 927.29' as of 4am this morning, and it's still rising at about 4/10ths an hour.  Not sure of the exact rain total because it's still dark and neither of us want to venture outside to read the rain gauge yet.  Actually, we still might not have an exact total if it rained more than 2 inches since yesterday afternoon.  There was already 3" in it, and it only goes to 5".  (By the time we thought about dumping it, just in case, it was raining too hard and neither of us wanted to get drenched.)  Suffice it to say that prior to Friday, we'd already gotten 8.6" for the month of April.  We're wet.  Last year we had a drought.  Nature seems to be making up the difference all at once. :7am Edited to add - Hubs says the rain gauge was at the 5" marker, so it didn't overflow, but it was full.:

Today, we'll begin to repair whatever slight damage there is outside.  Mainly, I think, fixing where the driveway edge has eroded.  I know we have a boatload of pea gravel that washed down toward the house.  Pick it up and put it back.  Way less trouble than a bunch of people in the area are facing this morning.  My heart goes out to them all.  Later, we'll probably take a walking tour of the neighborhood to see if the riverfront people are okay and need any help.  (Although last year we offered to help down there and got snubbed, so maybe not.)

That's it for me, folks.  How's things for you out there in the world?


  1. We missed the damage though it hit close. That was a hella series of storms. Saturday's came through in massive waves. The 4th one that hit, at 5 am, had 70-90 mph winds that blew through in a mile-wide swatch. We were on the northern edge. LOTS of rain. We lost power. Got it back. Had brown-outs and cut-outs most of the day. I'd turned off Nikos (my desktop) on Friday night and left it off yesterday to keep it from maybe frying circuits even with all the safeguards. Our drought is over for the time being. We still have July and August, our dry months.

  2. We were lucky; the tornadoes stayed 50+ miles north, but they did a lot of damage there.

    Still waiting on the 5C Createspace proof. Ran through 6C again - except for the last couple of lines (the end feels flat), it's ready for my first reader. The outline for 7C is almost finished, and I've started playing with the first couple of chapters. But stuff needs to happen sooner! I'm torn between reminding readers who the characters are, and getting the story rolling. I think the rollers are gonna win. :-)