Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday This n That - Valentine Edition

I once had a guy give me the gift of an orchid plant in the middle of winter in Michigan.  This should have been a huge neon sign that the relationship would not work out.  Orchids are insanely difficult to keep alive in the best of circumstances and require more futzing with than I am willing to do.  I'm more a spider plant person.  Those things are hard to kill.

Speaking of gifts from a significant other that should be a relationship red light.  Once year I got a set of hot rollers and half the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog ('outside the house' wear mostly - hooker chique).  Yup.  Big sign of bad things to come.

Where am I going with this?  Hubs told me to pick out a new fishing reel for Valentines Day this year.  Now there's a man who gets me.  I got one that ended up being too fussy, so he told me to go get another one that I'll like better.  Yep, he's a keeper.  We 'met' 13 years ago this month.  (Online met.  In person met wasn't until April.)  And for the record, I might get chocolates, too - ones I'll buy for both of us, because Hubs enjoys chocolate as much as I do.  If you find a man who gets you what YOU want and not what he thinks you ought to have or what HE wants, plus one who enjoys chocolate, hang onto him.

For another record, getting assorted chocolates with Hubs around is awesome.  He likes all the ones I hate - like ones with chewy centers that stick in my teeth.  I hate those ones.  And the ones we both like? We share those as equally as we can.  (It helps if there's an even number.  2 for him, 2 for me.  Otherwise, it's 1 for him, 2 for me because I'm greedy and he thinks I'm cute.)

That's it.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day next week.  And if you're not currently in a significant relationship, buy yourself the gift you'd want someone to buy you if you were in a relationship.  Because, hey, you deserve it.  :hugs:

Anything on your this n that this week?


  1. My dad used to send me one rose bud. Every year. No matter where I was. I miss him.

    LG and I are sorta...*shrug* about Valentine's Day. After 30+ years, we're happy just being together. We don't need the outside trappings to show how we feel about each other. That's what matters--we do that every day in small ways and big ones. It's him making coffee or running the vacuum. It's me getting out in the cold to help him carry case files to his truck so he doesn't have to make multiple trips. It's him not complaining when I'm lost in a scene and forget to start dinner. It's me throwing a blanket over him as he snores on the couch after dinner.

    I suppose that's sorta this'n'that. I hope you'll get to fish this weekend, after this wave of cold goes away. Weatherman is talking 80's here on Saturday.

  2. Like Silver, we're past the gift giving stage. 42 years this year!!

    But if he sees something he knows I'd love, he'll buy it for me for no reason at all. I think that's sweet.

    I almost hate to say I like something for fear I'd find it in my house the next day. LOL!