Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday This n That

I forgot to publish Wednesday's post at Outside the Box, so it's up today.

I want to run around the nation smacking people in the back of the head.  Jiggle some sense loose.  Or something.  Maybe I could borrow Silver's clue-by-4.

The deer are fat and fluffy right now, and their coats are slowly turning from winter gray-brown to summer chestnut.  I suspect some of the 'fat' is developing fawn babies.  Fingers crossed for a bumper crop of babies this year.

Yesterday, while I was out fishing, I heard voices behind me.  I was the only person at the fishing spot and none of the boaters had arrived to put their boats out of the water.  After several minutes, I saw a man and a little girl walking a couple of dogs, which was cool.  Then I caught a bass, but they'd already moved on.  I was kinda sad they didn't see my fish.  Fishing alone means no one sees my fish.  =o\

No, I cannot take pics of the fish I catch unless I bring them home.  I don't have a smartphone and there's no way I'm taking my Nikon fishing and risk it getting wet or damaged.  And I can't bring bass home unless they're more than 15" long.  It's a law.

I try to be as accurate as I can when I talk about the fish I catch.  No 'big fish' stories here. 

The other day we were out in the yard and heard the cry of the bird we refer to as 'Show Yourself'.  It showed itself, and I still couldn't identify it with 100% certainty.  I think it's a peregrine falcon, but they're not supposedly here, so... :shrug:  Anyway, it was crying and landed it a tree.  Then it and another bird took off out of that tree.  The second bird was definitely a redtail hawk and you could tell that definitely NOT a redtail.  Crows chased them both off in different directions.  And no, no camera.

Okay, that's it for me.  I should probably go do something constructive or something.  Later days, dudes.

What's on your this n that radar today?


  1. Any chance it was a Cooper's Hawk? We have one who's moved into the neighborhood. Interesting contrast to the redtails. :)

    Have you seen the commercials? The one where heads explode into purple mist? Yeah, everytime I turn on the news and there is much flailing and gnashing of teeth, that's what I picture in my mind. It's amusing. *muttershypocritesundermybreath*

    It got cold today. Hope you managed to get some fishing in!

    1. Not a Cooper's Hawk. I love those. Their laughing call is so cool. I'm sticking with peregrine - no matter what the official bird people say. They used to be here. This is perfect habitat for them - cliffs for nesting and loads of prey. Why couldn't they have come back (or even still be here), I say.

      LOL, yeah, I've seen those commercials. I feel that way stopping on FB these days. But I can't make myself stop going to FB.

      I fished Mon-Wed. It's all good. It's supposed to warm up again this weekend, so yay.