Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 8

I woke up late this morning... well, after 6 which is late for me, and I'm a little bleary-eyed, so bear with me.

I finished Wish Hits the Fan's first draft yesterday morning.  It ended up being just under 48K words.  No worries, though.  I have tons of stuff I need to weave back in - description, setting, back story...  LOL, yeah, it sounds like I actually didn't write a book there, doesn't it?  :shrug:  Right now, it's bare bones.  I can give it flesh later.  Skeletal story.  Skelestory! 


I did a little reading, but all of it was yesterday.  I finished a novella called Scaling the Rim - a SF romance.  It was good.  Not great.  But good.  4 stars.  I think I would've enjoyed it more if it were fleshed out more.  But I'm a long writer / reader. 

Which reminds me.  Yesterday I posted something about not having to write last night and a friend suggested I write a short-short or something - because there's always writing to be done.  Umm... yah... I don't write short.  In fact, WHTF is probably the shortest first draft of a novel I've ever produced.  (The longest was 147K, btw.)  Yes, I do have a couple short stories out there that I did when I was struggling with a novel.  But they aren't my length of choice.

I did a bunch of fishing last week.  If you're interested see yesterday's Fishing Report

I also got some progress done on the cover for Natural Causes.  So far, I'm pleased with the results.  I took the pic I'd posted before, found an old cross and cobbled that in, found a cover model and I'm working on getting her tweaked so she can be put into the scene.  I tried some stuff with the title that I hated, but it's progress.  I'll get the cover closer to done this week. 

All of our flower beds are uncovered now.  The hyacinths are blooming.  The crocuses are barely even up.  Weird.  The lilac bush has leaves.  The redbud has the first little red buds on it.  Spring.  Ah.  Then we got a cold snap yesterday.  Fingers crossed it didn't kill off anything.

Let's see...  Ah, yes.  I also did some Spring cleaning last week.  My desk is dust free for the first time in months... err... weeks?  Yeah, weeks sounds better than months.  (But it was probably months.  I'm not known for my housekeeping abilities.)  I still have to dust the book shelves in the office.  That's a chore and a half, so I'm dragging my feet.

That's it for me.  What did you do last week?  Did I miss updating anything you're interested in?  Always feel free to ask if you're waiting for news on something and I'm forgetting it.


  1. Awesome news on the writing side. And as far as story length, I've discovered the plot, characters, setting, and arcs all have their own idea and a story pretty much tells itself in however many words it takes.

    Yay for fishing and I did read the report. I looked out the back door the other day and realized my neighbor's dogwood was in full bloom. I mean, it was like overnight. Crazy.

    I finished my proposal--first draft. Today is fixing the first three chapters. Synopsis is done. Yay. This week, I have line edits on my July release for Desire. Alos need to write about 20K words for the March 21st release. Oops.

    That's pretty much my life. At least I have some spring training games to watch.

    Tomorrow's Monday. *sigh*

  2. Yay for Wish Hits the Fan! You'll have no trouble adding more words, not with that list. :-)

    Spring cleaning... Does moving the dress form back to the sewing room and picking up stray fur bunnies count? Well, not so stray; there was nearly as much loose fur as there is cat. But he's a LITTLE cat!

    You inspired me to put my fingers to the grindstone: I wrote or rewrote 12.5k words this week. Woot! Now I need to keep up the momentum.