Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 2/18/17

Well, folks, it's that time again.  Here's the report from your less than competent angler.

Saturday - The day started out at 61F and the world was being annoying, so I headed on out to the lake.  I picked a spot with a cove off one of the feeder creeks to TLR.  This one had loads of dead timber standing.  And with my new reel, I had tons of control to cast where I needed to go.  I picked a spot between two stands of dead timber and cast away.  First cast got a hit, but I missed it.  Second cast got a hit, but the fish got off after about 5-6 feet of reeling toward me.  Third cast was a winner.  14" largemouth.  And that was it.  The last bite I got the rest of the trip.  I got to the lake at 8am.  I kept trying for about an hour.  Then I moved to a different area.  No bites at all.  But the wind had come up fast and the haze had burned away, so I really wasn't expecting too much.  I tried there for an hour and then went home.

Monday - I went out in the morning again, even though this time it was like 39F.  Froze my buns off.  Caught nothing.  Then the wind came up and froze me worse, so I went home.

Wednesday - Hubs and I went out in the afternoon.  We spent a couple hours picking up trash at one of our favorite fishing spots, then we drowned worms for an hour.  We started getting hits right before 5pm, but the temps were dropping and the wind was coming up, so we left without catching anything.

Friday - Tried two different spots first thing in the morning.  First, the main lake.  I walked all over that place, from one end with ledges and dead trees to the other with a cove and loads of pebbly bottom.  Got one bite that took half the worm about 20' off the boat ramp and then not another one. Second, a feeder creek into the main lake. No bites at all.  Oh well.  I picked up trash and went home.

Equipment score for the week:  20+ sinkers (including a 5oz and a 1.5oz) and one old lure for us.  One lure, about 3 sinker (medium sized bites), swivel, hook rigs for the lake.

That's it for me this past week.  Did you manage to get outside at all last week? 

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  1. I did a little maintenance on the rose bushes. Cleaned out the dog pools and refilled them. Fed birds, squirrels, feral cats. Looked out the window a lot. LOL Considering heading back to bed for a nap. Hey, I was up from 2-4 a.m. then again at 5:45. I just lay in bed hoping to drift off. Didn't happen. Caught up on some DVR'd stuff from the idiot tube. I haven't had coffee yet. I think I'll take my first cup back to bed. Here's to more fishing before the rain moves in!