Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday This n That

I am becoming decidedly less tolerant of ignorance and bullshit every day.  So, let's talk about other stuff, eh?

It's February 23rd and we're already hearing spring peepers.  If you're not familiar with spring peepers, they're little frogs that start chirping in the springtime, looking for a lady peeper.  It's a glorious chorus.  Their symphony is one of the sure signs that Spring is here.  We didn't have spring peepers in Colorado, and let me tell ya, I missed them.  Now we're here and so are they.  That makes me happy.  The first time I heard them this year, I stopped what I was doing and told Hubs to listen.  He was all like 'what?' and I said "SPRING PEEPERS!".  =o)

My hyacinths are blooming.  But my crocuses are barely peeking out of the ground.  There are little leaves on my lilac bush.  My roses are crazy with leaf buds and new branch buds.  Keep your fingers crossed we don't get an unexpected cold snap.  That would suck.

The eagles are still here, but I haven't seen a sapsucker in a couple weeks.  My little friend, the ruby-crowned kinglet is visiting the suet less and less, but mainly because the bugs have awakened, and I assume he likes bugs better than suet.  He needs to fatten up for his long journey north.  Better for him to hunt bugs than spend his time on our porch eating the government cheese. 

Bugs.  Yeah, the one bad thing about Spring is that the bugs are waking up.  Yesterday, Hubs and I went out on the back deck to enjoy the sun and the warmth, but there were so many little bugs, we came back inside.  Bleh.  And I woke up this morning to a bug bite on my arm.  Gah.  Hubs is already talking about when he's going to spray for ticks this year.  Usually it's late March or early April.  This year, it might be next week. 

Speaking of bugs, I thought I saw a butterfly yesterday.  I know I saw a wasp. 

That's it for me today.  What's it for you?


  1. The flies are back. That's what I noticed, so far. Temps are nice today and tomorrow (although it will also be stormy), then we're hit with cold again this weekend. Figures. :P

  2. **I am becoming decidedly less tolerant of ignorance and bullshit every day. So, let's talk about other stuff, eh?**

    This! I find myself going on daily rants to thin air, becoming so angry I have to walk away from the computer to keep from spewing that stuff on line, like so many idiots are doing. I've given up on social media except for the very small corner of my fan page and blog. Enough. Moving on, away from negativity.

    The sun is shining, Birds are singing. I have two clumps of daffodils blooming, a week BEFORE my birthday! I have hopes of more. The Naked Lady (Belladonna Lily) leaves are coming up. I hope to have plenty of blooms come mid-summer. Both rose bushes--climbing red and antique pink have leaves but no buds yet. I'm debating whether to hand the hummingbird feeder early.

    I have a proposal due in 3 days, though I could stretch it two more. I need about 1200 words and the synopsis. I figured out the heroine has a huge fangirl crush on the hero's brother. Good thing brother is married. That WIP is moving along. Gotta get to work on the book coming out March 21st. That's a gotta get done ASAP, but those two are being weirdly silent.

    80 degrees here today, falling to 60 tomorrow. Weather. What would we do without it? People would have nothing to talk about... *ahahahahahahaha* Enjoy your day! Go fishing!

  3. I heard Peepers near my house for the first time ever yesterday, maybe because of the wet spring. The leaves are coming out two weeks early. No butterflies yet, but the wasps are waking up.

    It's expected to be 88 degrees today. In February?!?!

    I saw a Mexican Red Wolf last week. In my backyard! Apparently we have a pack of 5 or 7 now, and they're friendly with my sister's Rotts. They just sit and stare at each other, no barking at all.