Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 6


Last week.  Let's see...

I just did the math and I ended week 6 with 7215 words written on Wish Hits the Fan for a total of 15089.  I would've gotten more out last night, but I needed to do some research to make it make sense.  Now it makes sense.  And it ties back to earlier in the story arc when I mentioned something that was never address to this point.  Ah, the things my subconscious mind layers in that I have to later figure out what the hell I was thinking. 

I've been working on some marketing to go along with tomorrow's 2-year anniversary of Dying Ember being published.  I have one ad going out today with Reading Deals and another one going out tomorrow with Booktastik.  I'll let you know how those go.  Oh, and both Dying Ember and Fertile Ground are on sale for 99c/.99p today through the 18th.  Spread it around.

After the reel debacle, I had some success fishing on Friday and Saturday.  No keepers, but bass are always fun to catch.  Now, I'd like to catch something I can eat.  I needs me some fresh fish in my belly.

The reading has, once again, slacked off as I concentrate more on my writing.  I started a book and DNF'd it.  The characters were irritating me.  Then I started Julie Seedorf's Granny Hooks a Crook (which is apparently the 2nd book... Derp.).  It's really fun, but I haven't gotten back to it in a few days.

It was 82 degrees F here yesterday.  =oO

Oh, and I got some books in the mail last week.  In Defense of Selfishness by Peter Schwartz and some Viking novel a friend had recommended (to round me up to $25 for free shipping).  I only ordered books because Amazon had sent me an email saying I'd get a $10 Kindle credit if I bought a non-fiction title.  So I did.  Then I didn't get the credit.  So I contacted Amazon via their chat help thingie.  The person insisted I got no such email.  I gave them all the particulars and then offered to forward them the email.  They gave me the credit.  Damn straight.  Well, supposedly.  They said I won't 'see' the credit anywhere.  It'll just be applied when I place an order.  I haven't done that yet, so we'll see.

That's it for me.  How was your 6th week of 2017?


  1. Weather is crazy, as you know. I didn't write as much as I needed. I do have 2 chapters written on the proposal due by the 28th, along with a synopsis. I have not even one chapter written on the novella that goes up for publication on March 21, so has to be finished by March 13. I do have my cover for it and it's awesome! Now I need the blurb. But, as you know, I need the book first. LOL I should work on that today.

    I also have some unpublished contest entries to read. I'm currently zipping through "listens" of the In Death books. Currently reading Zanetti's JUSTICE ASCENDING. Feels good to be reading again.

    Okay, time to stop procrastinating. Off to work!

  2. I managed 3400 words last week, not nearly as much as I thought. But I'm about 1/4 through AC's planned page count, so that feels like an accomplishment.

    Haven't read as much either, since I'm writing. Did force myself to finish a surprisingly dull cozy by a blogger I admire (I've never seen her post here). I knew it would be a stretch, since I'm not crazy about craft cozies, but that writer really REALLY needed a copy editor. The same clue repeated three or four times (and not even a red herring), the dog went from female to male to female, and the ending whimpered into the dust. Sigh.

    I hope you get your Kindle credit! No-show credits are frustrating, whether they work or not.