Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 7

And what a week it was. 

I hammered out 12265 words last week, and that included taking yesterday off.  So, averaging 2K on the days I worked actually worked out.  And I had an epiphany on Friday night that continued through to Saturday morning.  To give you a hint, I was singing "This writer's gotta kill someone, before the day is through" ala Eagles while I was out fishing yesterday.  And therein lay the rub.  I was so pooped after fishing I couldn't write last night.  Ah, well, today someone has to die.

Speaking of fishing, I did a lot of that last week, too.  For more info, read the Saturday Fishing Report.  It doesn't include yesterday, though.  Yesterday was an exercise in patience and frustration as the biggest fish I ever almost caught got away and I spent a lot of time trying to get him to bite again.

I finished one book last week.  Granny Hooks a Crook by Julie Seedorf.  Cute book.  Fun read.  (BTW, the Amazon credit I mentioned actually did come through.  Yay.)

I also had a sale last week, complete with advertising.  Let's see.  I spent $40 on ads.  I made $15.  Here's hoping there'll be some residual stuff because I can't afford to run ads that don't at least pay for themselves.

Oh, and I weighed myself last week.  You may remember I used to be all focused on my weight.  And then I stopped worrying about it and resolved to just be more active.  Which meant I stopped weighing myself every goddamn week.  Now, I weigh myself when I feel like it.  Well, I felt like it.  And I felt like I was either going to be heavier or about the same as where I'd backslid to last fall.  Nope.  Down to 181.  That's a 14 lb drop from January of 2016, so yay me.  And I feel great, so even better.  Fishing.  Who knew?

Okay, that's it for me.  What's up with you?

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  1. Hooray for 12k words! LOL at gotta kill before the day is through! That'll put a kink in the plot. :-)

    I was proud of myself at 6700 words, but I see I need to rev up my engine. (snicker) I'm such a slow writer. But hey, I have an excuse! I don't count the nonfiction, since half of that time is doing illustrations.