Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday This n That

I weighed myself yesterday and learned two interesting things.  1) my go-to winter clothes weigh 4lbs.  2) I lost 14 pounds since January 2016.  No dieting.  Just an increase in activity.  It was dance-ercising the first half of last year, if you remember, and then that fell apart right around the time I painted the bathroom.  Then the Kid was here.  Then I was a toad for a little while.  Then I started fishing regularly.  I think the walking up and down the lake and river edges, lugging gear, really did the trick.  Plus, I don't munch while I'm fishing.  Except maybe a snack bar when we're on the boat.

I've been watching Last Man Standing a lot lately.  If you ever see the immigration episode, it slays me.  When she talks about the Gatos de la Playa, and then later he tells her to release the beach kitties... ROFL...  "no back talk or I'll laugh while the cats scratch out your eyes."  LMAO

Yes, I am a strange woman.

Yesterday afternoon, Hubs and I went to the lake with some plastic bags and spent a couple hours picking up trash at one of our favorite fishing spots.  Well, he was mostly picking up trash.  I was pulling fishing line out of the ground.  I had a plastic grocery bag half full of tangled line by the time we were done.  I hate that shit with a burning passion.  Yes, I know it's a necessary function of fishing.  Hooks get snagged and line breaks off.  Lord knows I've had it happen often enough.  Which is part of the reason I pick it up when I see it.  Chances are it's not mine, but maybe someday someone else will pick up my line while they're out, and so on so on.  What I really hate is when someone respools and leaves their old line laying there.  Erg.  Police your trash people.

I smoke like a freakin' fiend when I fish.  And every butt goes in my pocket (once it's out, of course...LOL). The only thing worse than fishing line all over the place is cigarette butts.  Bleh.  And beer cans.  And candy wrappers.  My god, people.  Really?

I was sore and tired as hell by the time we got home, but I still managed to get 1500 words out last night.  Now I'm sore as hell but not too tired.  Because, hey, morning.  And coffee.

Okay, that's it for me.  What's it for you?


  1. Was up at 4:00. Remembered I hadn't set up a blog for today. Lay awake until 5:00 stewing over it. Decided I had nothing to say. It's not even 7:00 yet and I'm on my 4th cup of coffee. Not gonna be a good day.

    Two projects going. Sort of stalled out on RDR#8. I need 1 more chapter and synopsis by end of month. I should just do it. I'm on chapter 4, with about 20K words left, also due by end of first week in March at the latest. Plus I have a book coming out.

    The last Windows update screwed up some of the stuff on my new computer. Frustrating. I'll try to bribe my across-the-street neighbor who is something of a computer geek to see if he can figure out what the deal is.

    The weather is supposed to be awesome for the next week or so. Maybe I'll find a comfy spot outdoors to work at some point.

    It's dark outside. I wonder what sunrise will look like. Maybe I'll wander to the front of the house (my office window faces north) to see if it's worth taking a picture of.

    I need more coffee...

    1. And there's your blog post. Kind of your own this n that.

      I was up at 5. No clue how many cups of coffee yet. Whatever it's been, it isn't enough. Sorry the writing is giving you fits, but you can do this. Really sorry about the Windows update thing. Yay for the better weather, though. I think it's supposed to be in the 70s today. The sunrise here wasn't spectacular, but any day the sun rises is a good one. It's up now and it looks gorgeous outside.

      Go forth and get thee more coffee. Then take a nap. Or a walk. Maybe stepping away will help.