Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 2/25/17

Well, here we are again and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.

Saturday - I got an early start.  Not early-early, but I hit the lake at around 8am.  I went to a cove filled with dead trees first and tried several different lures, plus the worm thing. Nada.  Then I went to the park and tried a spot I don't usually hit.  I went there because that morning it seemed like a place where fish ought to be.  I found myself a good sittin' rock and cast out, letting the breeze and the current drag my worm along at about 5-6' deep.  Nothing was happening, so I decided to get a drink of water.  Dug into my go bag, pulled out the water, uncapped it and began glugging away when I noticed my bobber slowly disappear. I scrambled to put everything down without dousing myself or loosing my remaining water.  Still down by the time I got ahold of my rod.  Set the hook.  Nada.  Left it alone for a few minutes and just when I digging in my pocket for a cigarette and my lighter, the bobber disappears again.  I set the hook this time.  Whatever it was, it was big, but it got off.  So I threw back out in the same place and waited.  Sure enough, after five-ten minutes, the bobber slowly disappeared again.  And the fight was on.  My drag was whining and my pretty pink pole was bending.  About ten feet from shore and about a foot deep, the beast rolled so I could see him, and then he dove.  A few more turns of the reel and Sproing!  I thought I snapped the line, but when I got it to shore, the whole rig was there - minus the worm.  I tried again, but I think when the hook ripped out of his mouth, he took that as a sign to feed elsewhere.  It was a walleye.  Bigger than the 22" one I got back in November.  Maybe 25-27"?  A hawg, though.  Oh, the frustration of not landing that fish.  Argh.

Hubs and I went out to the same place in the afternoon.  Spent 3 gorgeous hours on the lake.  Nada.

Monday - I wanted to morning fish, but I had errands to run.  I did try a new spot on the way back, but the place was so busy with boats and so junked up with detritus, I left.  Hubs and I went out again in the afternoon.  To our go-to spot.  He caught a 10" bass and a 14" bass - both spotted.  Then he caught a little bluegill about 5".  I caught two bluegills about 5-6". He really hoped I'd catch a bass, too, but we were tired, so we went home.

Thursday - I started out back in one of the feeder creeks.  Itty bitty fishies were stealing my worms, but no actual noticeable bites.  So I left.  I went back to our go-to spot.  Got there about 4:20pm.  Caught a keeper spotted bass about 4:30.  Just over 15".  Yay.  Then I caught a 12" spot.  Then I got a bass almost all the way in before it shook its head and got off.  I'm thinking 13" largemouth.  Then I caught another 12" spot.  They were really nailing my worm, but the sun had set and I hate driving in the dark.  Got home about 6:30pm.  Filleted the spot and put it in the fridge for Friday's dinner.

Friday - No fishing, but man was that spotted bass tasty.  Pan friend it in 3 tbsp of margarine with a whisper of black pepper.  That's all.  Served it with baked potatoes and baked beans.

That's it for me this week.  The temperatures have dropped again, but nothing tragic, so I'll be out sometime this coming week.  That's for sure.

See ya next time.  And remember to get outside sometime soon.

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  1. Yay! About time those dumb fish started biting for you. Here's many of them on your hook this coming week, which is warming up.