Tuesday, February 21, 2017


When you see me out and about the internet, you may often see me type OMG.  In my head, I'm saying 'oh my god' not 'oh em gee' and the letters are just an abbreviation.  Same with WTF and BTW.  I'm thinking the words not the letters.

But when I type LOL, yeah, I'm thinking 'el oh el'.  Which, to me, is shorter than saying 'ha ha ha' and somehow seems less sarcastic. Y'all know I'm over here finding something amusing.  If it's really amusing, I'm all like ROFL... which over the years has degenerated in my head to 'roffle'.  If I roffle in your general direction, I'm finding it more amusing that a simple LOL.

I rarely LMAO (la-mayo) at anyone anymore.  And I never put the F in the middle anymore.  I guess things aren't as F'ing funny as they used to be.  And nothing is ROFLMFAO these days.

I still say IMO on occasion, but I figure these days everyone ought to know that what I type is my opinion, so it's not as necessary.  I never put the H in the middle of that, ever.  My opinions are not humble.

I love how my friend, Silver occasionally throws BBQ in the middle of her acronyms.  It makes me LOL.

I only ever BRB when I'm chatting in FB messenger with the Kid.  She also gets graced on occasion with GGP, but that's between us.  (Yeah, if you don't know what GGP is, I ain't tellin' here.)

She also gets and gives the occasional K, which is really short for okay and occasionally blooms into KK.

And then, as we go on about our respective days we say TTYL or TTYS.  (Talk to you soon or talk to you later.)  When we're feeling silly sometimes it turns into something like TTYAC or TTYOTSP (talk to you after class or talk to you once the storm passes) or something similarly long and unwieldy.  Because that's how we roll.

Do you still use acronyms?  Or are they passe?  Do you care?


  1. I use acronyms like WIP (I tend to say WIP, not work in process), but not for the other stuff. I tend to spell out everything! Even hahahahaha! By the way, what is BRB?

  2. OMGWTFBBQ! I <3 this post. LOL And yeah, I've been known to use them sometimes. And like you, I mostly say the words not the letters. The James Gang has a personal one: CULUB. I had to laugh at GGP. I gotta do that a lot...with as much coffee as I drink. ;)

    1. LOL, I love that! CULUB - See you love you bye? Yeah, I used to use GGP more often, but I think the Kid finds it embarrassing, so I just say brb.