Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday This n That

I was watching Worst Cooks in America last night and they were doing a wrap-up kind of thing where they had clips of the worst in categories.  I was totally amazed by the woman who didn't know how to use a knife.  She tried cutting with the protective sleeve on first.  Then she tried cutting with the dull side of the knife.  It was tragic.  How did that poor woman ever eat before she got on that show? Or was it all make believe for the viewers?

Yes, I am a bit cynical.

No. I won't talk about the election.  I have my reasons.  I did see someone get crazy-ass mad at a writer for posting something lighthearted on their Facebook wall.  Something like 'I don't want to talk about the election so tell me if you like grape jelly or strawberry jelly'.  (Not that, but something as innocuous.)  And this other person totally went OFF.  It was bizarre.  And a little scary.  And I didn't know the crazy person, but I totally blocked them.  Don't need anymore cray-cray.  Had enough when I was younger.

So, anyway, I went for a walk yesterday to get away from the post-election crazy.  It was awesome.  I didn't take the fishing poles, but I walked along the lake in a place I'd never walked before.  Kind of not the smartest plan I ever had because the rocky shore was totally unstable, and just about every step felt like I would start a slide that would tumble me into the water.  But it was AWESOME.  Here's where I was...
That's all usually underwater up to the vegetation line, but the lake level is so low this year.  I don't know if you can tell, but that's all big rocks.  I can't wait to fish there in the boat when the water level rises.  Basstravaganza!

This time change is killing me.  I've been up before 4 every morning since it changed.  Sleep later, my ass.  Damn Ben Franklin for thinking of this.  Damn whoever it was that implemented it during WWI.  Damn Congress for not getting rid of it a long time ago.

I need more coffee.  Always. 

How's the this n that for you this week?  And, please, no election stuff.  I've had more than my fill.


  1. One post-election thought: The sun came up. Life goes on.

    So...deadlines. They're killin' me loudly. (Yes, there's a song reference.)

    Cool weather at last! I changed bed linens from summer coverlet to winter comforter. Yay. The cat loves the "faux suede".

    I didn't win the Powerball lottery.

    I want to sleep late too. Not happening.

    Happy Birthday, Marines! And tomorrow, thanking all the Veterans I know for their service.

    That's all I got...

  2. I hate the time change too. I don't know how bad yours is, but we go back an hour in autumn. This means is now dark when I get up at 6.30 and dark about 4 in the afternoon. I find I'm tired out by 1030 and can't wake up when the alarm clock goes off because it's DARK and I'm all warm and snuggly in bed. I'll get used to it just as we go forward an hour in spring - grr!

    I accepted an offer for my flat a couple of weeks ago and am now waiting for the legal process to complete. We're in the dead zone at the moment - just waiting on the solicitors to do their stuff. I'll be moving up North and have started the de-cluttering process. What a nightmare! Who knew I had so much stuff!?

    2 minutes silence coming up soon for Armistice Day (it's now 1018). My thanks also to all who served and are still serving.