Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Fishing Report - 11/12/16

Welcome back to the weekly fishing report for less than competent anglers.  Since I am a less than competent angler, I might not be using the right terminology.  :shrug:  Sorry.

The fish are still biting sporadically on worms, which, by necessity, has encouraged me to try some lure fishing.  I'm still not good at it - as evidenced by the lack of bites.  Hubs outfitted my tackle box with some top-water lures, since we'd heard that the bass are biting on top-water first thing in the morning.  I have a Rapala that looks like a 3" skinny minnow and has a small spoon that gives it a little dive, but nothing overly deep.  I also have two spinner baits - one totally white with what looks like a hula skirt and one without a skirt that's neon yellow.  I also have a lure that looks like a fatter fish that's silver and yellow/green.  That one is deeper, but I tried it, too.  Also, I tried some artificial grub things with a weighted head in sparkly gray & blue, and sparkly white with a yellow head.

I tried them all at varying speeds and different jerk rates, but nada.

Hubs went with me on election day.  He was using lures that looked like fish, ones that look like crawdads, spinners, spoons, etc.  Caught a small spotted bass, but still nothing major.  He did have something big chase one lure in a cove, but it didn't bite.

We need to be in a boat, but since we aren't doing that right now, we're not really catching anything of note.

I did catch a nice bluegill on a worm.  I had to go with the next to smallest hook in my box because they were stripping the worms off bigger hooks.  On the upside, I got to try out my new fillet knife.  It was like butter.  That fish is now filleted and in the freezer.  I also caught a small bass and some okay pumpkinseeds - again with worms.  All of those are back in the lake.

Out again today.  I'll let you know how that goes next week.  Until then, have a great week and go drown some worms.


  1. Do you ever use other bait? Years ago, we used to fish the Gulf Coast. I remember using chicken skin. Just a little piece is all you need. It's durable too. You can often reuse it.

    1. The fishing book I have shows all different kinds of things I could use as bait, but I haven't tried anything else. We did have a pkg of catfish bait (chicken liver or some such). It was totally gross.

      Worms work just fine, usually. Right now, though, all the fish seem to be more interested in eating other fish, which is why lures should be working. I mean, if I was using them right. It just takes practice.

  2. Catfish bait is...gross. The stinkier, the better, and is best used on trot lines. What's that you may ask? Ever seen a row of plastic bottles floating across a cove or out in the lake? Yeah, they're tied together and each has a deep line with stink bait on the end to get down to the bottom for the catfish.

    See, I did use to fish. LOL I'll leave it to you now. Though, as gorgeous as the weather is, I wouldn't mind sitting on the bank watching. :D Here's to many bites today!