Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 47

It was Thanksgiving Week.  And I have turkey-nesia, which means I don't remember anything before I ate a boatload of bird.  LOL

Okay, not really.  Sunday - Wednesday is pretty much a blur, though.  Let me see if I can rebuild... No, that would take too long.  Lemme see if I can sum up.

In writing news, I wrote 15K words last week.  4200 of that was last night because I was on a roll.  I finished the climax scene and am on the downward slope toward the end.  Right now it's about 58K words, so probably around 60K when I get done.  Then there's the stuff I have to add in because I changed some things at the end, and there's the stuff I have to add in because I rushed through several scenes, and there's a little bit I have to delete because while it helped me write the story, it needs to go before you read the story.  I get all that done and I can send it off to the editor.  Editing begins in January maybe?  February?  :shrug:  I'm not pushing myself too hard this time so I can avoid burnout.

I did some fishing stuff.  If you're interested in that, go to yesterday's Fishing Report.

Let's not talk about football, shall we? 

Since I was jamming on my own book, I didn't read anything. I do have Silver's latest book - Rescue Moon - but I haven't started it yet.  Maybe today.  We'll see how the writing goes and whether I have the room in my brain for another person's book.

Fidel Castro died and I am overjoyed.  Yeah, yeah, I've heard that you're not supposed to be happy when someone dies.  Screw that.  He was a monster.  I'm with all the Cubans in Miami who were dancing in the streets at the news.  So, that's one down.  Next!   If you have a problem with my happiness in this instance, please go away.  Quietly.

Thanksgiving was a good day.  Hubs made an amazing turkey and stuffing, and I ate like a pig.  I also took that day off writing.  I don't remember what I did, but it wasn't work related. 

This week I learned that the Common Loon passes through here on its way to wherever it winters.  I thought I heard one the other day, but I was sure we didn't have loons here.  When I got home from the lake, I applied the Google-fu and found out that it was a loon I heard.  Since then, I've seen two.  They're in their winter plumage now, so not as striking as their usual outfit, but still pretty cool.

Early in the week, I got home from fishing and Hubs starts telling me about this weird bird he saw walking through the yard.  He tried to get a picture, but couldn't.  Later that day, the bird was in the front yard.  It was a black vulture, on foot because, I assume, one of its wings was injured.  It wasn't holding its wings weird, but when it tried to flap up to sit on the fence, one wing kind of had a hitch to it.  We haven't seen it since.  I hope it got better.  Most likely something ate it.  Nature can be a mean bitch.

Okay, that's it for me right now.  What's up in your world?


  1. Oh, just the same ol' same ol'. Mostly. Did have a bit of panic yesterday. Every last one of my writing files disappeared from Dropbox. All 20K of them. Long story. Only needs a memory upgrade in her Mac Air but it's one generation too old. My Mac Air can be upgraded. Since $$ is tight in both families, I offered to switch machines. I only use the Air when I'm traveling and then for emails/blogs and only occasionally for writing. But it had Dropbox--so I could work. And rather than just signing me out of Dropbox, she sucked all the files into a thumb drive--she thought--and deleted them. I got up and went to work. Only I had NOTHING! Total panic. Then I found an email from Dropbox saying "Uhm...massive deletions, did you mean to do this? If not click on these links to restore because we keep all files for 30 days after deletion." It took most of the day, but it appears all the files are back. I still managed to write 2K words on the current WIP--that was due the 15th but I was given an extension due to some issues on the other end of things so I now have to have the book written, edited and turned in by Wednesday. I'm at 45K and I'm hoping to bring it in around 48K so there is room for revisions and I can't go over 50K. Fun times. Plus Stormageddon sitting duties this afternoon. I need to get on it.

    Oh, loons are cool. Vultures, they have their place. I hope your guy fixed himself and flew away. If not, Nature has its cycles for sure.

    1. Just reading about your near-catastrophe gives me the willies. I'm so glad you got all your files back. And thank goodness for extensions. Whew. You can do this.

      Yeah, that's my take on vultures, too. They're nature's clean-up crew. And they're pretty to watch in the sky. But I don't want to look at them close up. Ew.