Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Fishing Report - 11/26/16

Welcome back to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.

Sunday - I tried a little afternoon fishing from a rocky bank sloping sharply into 15-20' of water.  Did about 45 minutes of lure casting with no luck.  Switched to worms set 5-6' deep.  Something grabbed my worm about 4' off the shore and took it down.  When I set the hook, I caught an underwater ledge and lost my rig - bobber, leader, hook and worm.  So, I set up with a Rappala top water to try and get my bobber back.  Hooked the bobber first cast.  Bobber was still hooked to ledge. So, in an effort to not lose both the Rappala and the bobber, I rolled up my sweatpants and waded in.  63F water does not make for an enjoyable dip, but I got my lure back.  In the process the bobber broke, though.  Then, because I was wet from the knees down, and cold, I packed up and went home.

Monday - a.m. - Lovely cold morning with some scattered clouds and fog down by the water. I arrived at a locale off the deep water, main lake with plenty of ledges for the fish to shelter near.  I set myself up with a yellow buzzbait with a yellow artificial worm.  Cast, retrieve.  Cast, retrieve.  Cast... freakin' reel button pushes all the way inside the reel... can't retrieve by reeling.  I managed to get my lure back by pulling the line in hand over hand.  Got that all cleaned up and headed home because I only had the one rod/reel with me.  My new red Shakespeare reel is dead.  Hubs put my old pink reel back on because he fixed it.
Monday - p.m. - Hubs was in the mood for fishing, so we went out together to a spot with rocky banks sloping to gravel in a creek that feeds into a tributary of the lake.  Hubs was working a spoon and I was working that shad crankbait.  The spoon got hooked on an underwater ledge and was lost.  The crankbait hooked on a log, which I managed to drag to the bank.  Then it got hooked on a rock, which Hubs managed to free.  I switched to worms, he switched to a white diver.  After a while, we moved farther into the creek.  I caught a 7-8" bass (large or spotted - it was hard to tell).  A lot of action at 6-7' deep with the worm, but after I saw a huge snapping turtle surface near my bobber, I suspect reptile interference instead of fish.

Tuesday - I did the afternoon fishing thing again.  It was totally overcast with a little wind and in the mid-60s.  Back at the place where Hubs and I fished the day before.  Saw some nice fish jumping.  Caught two little bluegills about 6' deep off the ledges. Then it started to rain in earnest and I wasn't in the mood to get drenched.

Friday - We took the boat out. We went back to the same place we'd visited the last time.  No luck.  But we did have a lovely day on the water.  I was jigging a nightcrawler.  Hubs was casting with lures.  I think we just timed it wrong or picked the wrong place.  Funny thing, though.  At one spot, I thought I got snagged on a log or something, so I was panicking a little because we were trolling and getting snagged while the boat is moving scares me.  Hubs stopped the boat and took the pole so he could try and get it unsnagged.  Except when he reeled, it wasn't hung up on anything and both ends of my worm were gone.  Later I had a similar thing happen, but instead of panicking, I reeled.  The line was taut and pulling hard and then suddenly the line shook from one side to the other and went slack.  Umm, yeah, I had a fish on that time and probably the other time, too.  There's a reason I say this is the fishing report for less than competent anglers.  Better luck next time.

Until then, have a great week and go drown some worms.


  1. But time spent outdoors and companion time with hubs. Sounds awesome to me!

    I went fishing today. But for deleted files. Only and I are switching lap tops. My Air is newer than hers and she needs a memory upgrade. Her's can't be fixed. I only use a laptop when traveling, and then for email, blogs, and the occasional work project. In switching over, she deleted all my Dropbox files. Which was ALL of my writing--old MSS and current WIPs. To say I was panicked is an understatement. Bless Dropbox because they save every deleted file for 30 days. I've spent the day recovering. And contemplating drinking lunch and dinner...

    Go Michigan!

    1. Oh, no! :hugs: I'd totally be panicking. Thank goodness Dropbox saves deleted files! Ack! :hugs: I hope you didn't have to drink dinner.

      By now you know that my mojo and your well-wishes didn't help. =o(