Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Fishing Report - 11/5/16

Here we are again at the new fishing report for less than competent anglers. 

First, let me explain something really quick.  I try really hard to maintain some level of privacy online, which is why I don't talk about exact fishing spots.  Last week, I said I was on the quiet side of Table Rock Lake. That's about all you'll get.  I don't imagine that the fishing reports I give are going to matter much from exact spot to exact spot.  Rocky ledges are rocky ledges.  Pebbled beaches are pebbled beaches.  Coves are coves.  The fish don't have a map and don't care about the names we humans give to locales.

Okay, so here's the deal.  The fish still aren't biting much, but they're out there.  Okay, let me rephrase that... Keeper fish still aren't biting much.  The little worm-stealing bastards are still out there and still stripping your worms if you aren't careful.  And sometimes if you are careful.  I have to reel pretty fast through the shallows or the baby panfish will strip those worms right the hell off the hook.  I caught one of those Thursday afternoon - a pretty little green sunfish about 3 inches long - as I was reeling in.  Nice to catch something, but ultimately pointless. 

So, anyway, I did some evening fishing.  The weather was cloudy and mid to low 70s with a little wind.  Got to my spot about 3pm and packed it in about 5:30pm.  Caught the little sunfish, a 5" bluegill, and a 13" spotted bass.  Seems like where I was fishing has some kind of underwater drop off when you move from right to left along the shore.  Left is ledges (which is why this is called Table Rock) and to the right is rocky beach.  Where the two meet, the bed must drop down because as soon as the wind took my bobber past that drop, I got bites.  And it's where I caught that bass.   Which wasn't easy, lemme tell ya.  I must've gone through a dozen nightcrawlers to catch that one fish. 

I also did a bit of morning fishing earlier in the week.  Got out about sunrise on a clear, cloudless morning - no fog.  Started out at a beach type area with lots of sand and small pebbles that's totally underwater when the lake level is normal (which is about 4 feet higher than now.)  Nothing was biting at all there, so I moved west until I reached where the beach ended and the ledges began.  I fished as deep as I could go and as far as I could throw.  Nothing was biting there until the rig got closer to the rocks.  I caught a 9 inch spotted bass about 3 feet off the ledges and about 6 feet down.  I think it also helped that right about then, the wind picked up, but I can't say that for certain.  Well, about the time I caught that bass, I had to use the bathroom, and there is no bathroom where I was fishing, so I moved on.  Did my thing and went back to fishing at that same place I always go - where I was on Thursday.  The wind was gone by the time I threw back in and I didn't catch a single thing, but, man, was it pretty out.

Oh, yeah, and on Thursday, I tried some lure fishing.  As I said last week, I totally suck at lure fishing.  And I still suck, but if you don't keep trying things, you'll always suck at them. 

I'm planning to go out again today.  If the fog isn't too bad. It's still dark out, but I can see pea soup glowing under the street light.  This week the temperatures are dropping, so it should be better fishing.  :fingers crossed:

Have a great week next week and, if you get a chance, go drown some worms.

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  1. I'll stand back here in the intrawebz and watch you drown them vicariously for me. ;)

    Hope your luck is better today. I'm drowning words instead, after a lunch of Mexican food to belatedly celebrate Only's birthday.