Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I have no illusions that anything I say here will affect anything anyone thinks or believes or how anyone acts, but, I'm in a Quixotic mood, so here goes...

The world would be a better place if...

... People minded their own business.
... People kept their hands to themselves
... Everyone remembered the maxim 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all'
... We all understood that the smallest minority on Earth is the individual and behaved accordingly.
... Individuals embraced ML King's idea of judging a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin
... We remembered the other maxim 'sticks and stone can break your bones, but words can never hurt you'
... The media stopped trying to stir everything up
... People stopped letting the media stir them up.
... We embraced the idea of private property, and my mother's maxim of 'if it doesn't belong to you, don't touch it'

There are others, but I think that's all I've got for right now.  Anything to add?


  1. I'm thinking like mad for anything else, but on the whole you've got it covered.

  2. Hell yeah. What you said. Here's a couple I've been thinking about...

    ...People figured out that life isn't fair.
    ...People knew not everyone wins a trophy just for showing up.
    ...People understood that their beliefs are not more valid than those of the people who disagree with them and vice versa.
    ...if so-called adults didn't throw tantrums like two-year-olds when they don't get their way.

    And...I probably have a bunch more but I really need to get some new words written today. Later, gator!