Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 45

Well, as we all know, the big news this week was that the US elected a new president.  And then the US populace devolved into a weird, whiny-baby, bunch of freaks.  (Okay, not the WHOLE populace... it just feels that way in the media - both social and regular.)  And I spent a large portion of the week (and the weeks leading up to Tuesday) hiding posts and comments on Facebook, unfollowing, unfriending and blocking on FB and Twitter (or whatever the Twitter equivalent is.)  Then I see this meme about 'I won't unfollow or unfriend or restrict you for your political beliefs because I am not an asshole'.  Well, then I guess I'm an asshole.  If maintaining my sanity makes me an asshole.  If recognizing that someone is blatantly irrational and not wanting that in my life makes me an asshole.  If realizing that particularly people are not enriching my life and are in fact doing the opposite makes me an asshole.  If avoiding virulence and viciousness makes me an asshole.  If all of that is how certain people feel about my actions, and want to believe I'm an asshole, I can live with that.  Personally, I blocked anyone I thought was an asshole, unfriended the slightly less-so, unfollowed a few boobs, and hid the annoying posts from the mostly friendly people.  (All of which I do on any given day anyway.  It was just more prevalent recently.)

Other than that, I wrote about 5500 words.  Got to lay some good stuff down in the way of foreshadowing.  Added in some facts and conjecture.  Overall made the mystery deeper and richer.  Poor Dennis.  Someone asked last week if the heroine from Accidental Death is in Natural Causes.  The short answer is 'yes'.  So is Dennis' partner.

I had a sale for Blood Flow Monday-Wednesday.  As I whined about on Wednesday at Outside the Box, it didn't go as well as I thought it would.  I think maybe I need to rewrite the blurb.  And maybe change the title.  Maybe at the beginning of next year.

For fishing updates, see my Saturday Fishing Report.  The only thing not on it was the fishing trip Hubs and I took yesterday.  We got the boat out for the first time this Fall.  It was awesome.  More details will be in next Saturday's Fishing Report.

Fall has... well... fallen here, finally.  But it's supposed to get back up into the seventies this week, so it's not all the way here yet.

Oh, and before I forget, I am supposed to have jury duty starting Wednesday.  I have to call Tuesday night to see if I actually have to be there or if it's been cancelled.  I wouldn't mind being on a jury, but I hate the drive up to the county seat.  Especially considering it's deer season and I have to be there early, which makes driving these hills and curves a bit more dangerous than usual.  Thankfully, due to the time change, at least it will be light out when I leave.  Here's hoping if I do sit a jury, it doesn't last too long.  That would totally harsh my fishing.

That's it for me right now, I think.  What about you?


  1. Ah, but jury duty is so enlightening. *rolls eyes* I had another word in there before enlightning but blogspot doesn't like html so no fancy stuff. :/ Anyway...

    My house was 63 inside this morning. I had the fan on. Yeah. I'm weird.

    Yay for words, yay for fishing in the boat, yay!

    I haven't blocked anyone. Yet. We were already a divided country going into last week. I lay part of that blame at the feet of the current administration. I also see the hand of professional agitators in current events but what I find appalling is the vicious vituperation of otherwise reasoned individuals that I thought I knew. I've added industry professionals to a personal list of "I wouldn't work with/for you if you were the last *insert title here* on earth." There are others that I will never support with my pocketbook, praise, or anything else. I was a big fan at one time but now? No way.

    So, let's be assholes together, shall we? Here's to a calmer week...

    1. Hubs has actually sat a jury a couple times, so I kind of know what to expect. OMG, 63 with the fan? I'd freeze. Thanks for the yays!

      I haven't blocked anyone I actually know. Just people who made asinine comments on other people's posts and people who were shared who were making repulsive posts. Oh, definitely the current admin had a hand in the divisiveness, and those others you mentioned. Yeah, I suspect our lists would be similar.

      LOL, I am happy to be an asshole with you anytime. And yes, a calmer week. Although, so far this morning, I'm not holding my breath. Blech.

  2. We're going to have to form a club. :) Today was the first time I unfriended what I thought was an ordinary normal person.

    She'd been insulting anything Trump for a while now, but like GrubHub, told her "friends" to unfriend her immediately if they voted for Trump.

    The irony of her actions seems to have eluded her completely. So much for tolerance and diversity.

    1. LOL, we'd have the nicest club, Maria. Yeah, I had someone in my FB friends who made a similar statement. His was that if he discovered anyone had voted Trump, he would unfriend them. I solved the problem for him. LOL, they do miss the irony, don't they? They're only tolerant if you agree with them, and they're only interested in diversity if it's the right kind of diversity. (And the right kind is entirely up to them, of course.) Bleh.

  3. I, too, was very disheartened this past week as Facebook posts became meaner and meaner. People posting about love and acceptance were preaching anything but. My heart hurt. I tried to stay off the Home page so I wouldn't see the posts anymore. Definitely needed a break from mean-spirited political posts. Christy