Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thursday This n That

 Yay!  Thursday this n that!

We saw the first fawn of the year yesterday.  And it was Lumpy's!  Yay!  (If you don't know about Lumpy, she's a doe with a huge lump on her jaw.  It comes and goes.  And the first time we saw it was fall of 2019, so it's obviously not effecting her life or her ability to raise babies.)  In previous years, she always had twins, but she's getting up there, so I'm not surprised she's only having singles now.

I'm still decompressing after being gainfully employed.  Thankfully, the thoughts of what I have to do at work in the morning have stopped hitting me every night.  

Hubs had jury duty yesterday.  I had planned on going into town with him and then just dinking around until he was done.  But they don't allow cell phones inside the judicial center, so we nixed that idea and I stayed home.  He didn't get picked to sit the jury.  He called about 11:30 and told me he was coming home, but first he was stopping at the Chinese restaurant.  We'd already planned for this, but I left it up to him because I wasn't sure if he'd feel like stopping after the rigmarole. He was home by 1 and we ate Chinese for lunch and then again for dinner.  We'll have it for lunch today, too.  That ought to quiet my Chinese cravings for a while. LOL

I haven't gone fishing yet.  Soon.

Tuesday, I went to the thrift store.  I only found two books, but it was still a good trip.  One book was a collection of Hercule Poirot mysteries and the other was a 'junior' collection of Sherlock Holmes from 1956.  I'm reading the Sherlock Holmes now.  It's been a long time since I sat down with Sherlock, so it's all good.  One thing that strikes me about this book is that it totally is not dumber-down for the younger people.  Hell, the first story talked about Holmes' cocaine addiction.  You couldn't get away with that today in anything targeting a younger market.   The stories are also chock full of hard words, just the way they were originally written.  Actually, I'm not exactly sure what makes this a junior edition, but it says that on the spine, so there ya go.

I do love the wonderous swirl of words by some of the old time writers. 

Okay, that's it for me right now.  Have a great day!


  1. *checks calendar* 'bout that. It IS Thursday. Good to know. I really should get back into blogging because that's how I kept track of days. Happy to hear that you are decompressing. That said, you really need to go drown some worms.

    I'm still not doing anything of interest. I do make myself get on the computer for at least some period of time just so my fingers remember how to find the right letters when I'm typing.

    I have an appointment at 3 to get my driver's license/Real ID done today. I'm still a bit gobsmacked that my license expired back in March without me realizing. This whole space/time continuim things has me totally confused. Anyway, I'll be all legal in a couple of hours and can start driving again. Not that I'm doing much of that anyway. Still, I need to get back in the saddle on a bunch of stuff.

    In the meantime, I'm just sorta hanging around, forcing myself to eat, listening to books and trying not to get sucked into a stupd "bubble game" on the computer. C'est la vie. Later, tater.

  2. It's time to go fishing! If it's not too hot where you are. Waaaay too hot here, for me anyway.

    Hurray for Lumpy's fawn!

    Um, is it still Thursday? I'm losing track of time.