Thursday, January 26, 2023

Thursday This n That

Well, the big news of the week is this head cold from hell I managed to come down with on Saturday.  All sneezing and some coughing, but no fever.  I worked Monday, but only worked half a day on Tuesday and took all of yesterday off.  You know if I'm taking time off work, it's gotta be bad.  I've blown my nose so much that it and the space between it and my upper lip look like raw meat. I've gone through three boxes of tissue and a roll of toilet paper.  Between coughing and sneezing, I think I've pulled every little muscle in my rib cage.  I slept ten hours last night and I'm weak as a kitten.  I could probably sleep another ten hours.  I just wrote the office that I'm not going in again.  

The other day, I discovered a good channel on Direct TV that I didn't know we had - COZI TV.  It's got reruns of old shows - like Quincy ME, and Emergency! I accidentally scrolled too far up and ended up in the shopping channels, and it was nestled right in there with another good channel that runs old western shows and movies.  Anyway, they'll be running a marathon of Emergency all day Saturday.  Yay.  Ah, nostalgia.  I had a serious little girl crush on Randolph Mantooth.

My soap arrived.  I thought it was 16 bars, but it was only 8.  (I went back and checked.  My fault.)  $22 for 8 bars of soap.  Cringe.  But it's necessary to my existence, so I pay it.  Pre-'rona, this was easy to find on store shelves.  Now?  Nope.  

Okay, that's about as much as I can think of right now.  I'm going back to bed.  Blerg.


  1. I'm so sorry you feel so bad. Rest is the best medicine.

    We just have regular programming, but we do have Samsung tvs and they automatically carry Samsung+ which is crammed full of different channels.
    Every so often it pays to rescan our tv programming. Cozi has changed channels a couple of times in the past few years, but it's worth finding.

  2. Ugh. Feel better. More sleep and fluids. And didn't we all? Engine 51, Squad 51...

    LG has all the TV-fu. He watches it way more than I do. Stupid eyes. Reminds me, I need to nudge the eye clinic again. Still haven't heard back from them. Grrr.

    It snowed. Sort of. Mostly cold rain but hey, MOISTURE! We'll take it! Sunny today but wind chills and temps aren't condusive to outside stuff.

    Moving along on the book. Yay. I'm putting chapters 16 and 17 together today. Maybe more if I'll get off the stupid internet. LOLOL

    On that note, GET WELL! Hang in there. 🤗