Thursday, January 19, 2023

Thursday This n That

Hey, it's still Thursday!  

I had a gentleman call me 'kiddo' this week and it made my day.  And although that gentleman will never read this, I just want to say 'not knowing how to use computers very well certainly does not make you stupid'.  Think about how much of human existence and innovation happened before the computer was even invented.  And I've known too many people who could use computers who certainly weren't smart.  


A fly lands on the ceiling by putting its front two legs on the ceiling first and swinging the rest of its body up.  On day in college, I spent an untold amount of time watching a fly to come up with that observation.  You're welcome.  See, all that money wasn't totally wasted.

I don't actually remember a whole lot about college.  No, not drugs.  Car accident.  Achieved the same effect.  Moral of the story?  Don't do drugs.

Speaking of the car accident... the anniversary was last week. 29 years.  A while back, I had a gal ask me if I was alright.  I was all like 'sure, why?' and she said she asked because I was limping.  My answer was that I always limp.  But that's not strictly true.  For a long time, it was true.  And then it wasn't.  Tada. Of course, when I do limp, I don't notice it because part of me thinks I always limp. Silly wabbit.

There's a stack of bricks behind the office that I covet.  I keep thinking they'd make a nice retaining wall under the deck where the slope is bad enough it's washing our pea gravel down the hill.  I wonder if the boss would sell them to me, but I keep forgetting to ask.  :shrug:  It's not like I have time to futz with a retaining wall these days, but the idea has been tickling the back of my head for a while now.

Monday night, I ate somethings that didn't agree with me and spent part of the wee hours of Tuesday praying to the porcelain god.  If you're not familiar with him, his name is Ralph.  Sometimes they call him Huey.  

Crass?  On occasion.  I also once knew some of the dirtiest jokes you would ever hear.  I don't tell them anymore.  Every rare once in a while, I'll remember one and laugh to myself.  I told one to a friend back in the summer of 2021.  She couldn't remember it well and she kept asking me to repeat it, much to my dismay because it is particularly nasty.  She rolled every time she coaxed me to tell it again.  She has since moved away and I will never tell it again.  Never.  Don't even ask.

Seriously. I mean it. Don't ask.

And on that note, I'm going back to my Nero Wolfe.  Have a great night.. day... err, whenever you're reading this, make it great.  


  1. And this is why I love you and we are sisters from different misters! FYI, you can tell me...

    Mother Nature is tipsy again. Warm. Cold. Warm. Cold. Windy. Rain. Windy (which dried out what little rain we got). Now it may rain or snow tomorrow and maybe snow next week. It is winter so I shouldn't complain.

    I wonder which is worth more--that box of files or the Corvette? Pretty sure the Charlie Foxtrot son covets both...

    Did you see/hear the meteor last night?

    I actually started writing yesterday morning before I checked email and blogs. Amazing. I am making progress. Will I hit my EOM deadline? Don't know. I'm trying.

    This has been a slow week event-wise but yeah, it's passed in a flash. Sucks to be old.

    Not much else going on. Happy Friday! Have a great week and say hi to Nero for me. 😉

  2. LOL! I have to tell the youngsters that I don't understand my cell phone very well, not enough to download apps. Plus I don't trust apps to not give me a virus!

    I don't remember collage very well, hardly at all, in fact, but I don't have the excuse of doing drugs or the reason of being in an accident. I'm starting to worry about dementia. I can still putter along, though, so I don't worry too much.

    Cleo is such a brat. Entertaining, but soooo bratty. She begs for food when her bowl is nearly full. When she gets the zoomies she attacks my legs, pretending to bite me. Lately she's taken to uprooting my poor little aloe vera. But sometimes she settles into my lap for a long nap. Too sweet!