Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Update - Week 4

 Fair warning: I don't have a whole lot to talk about today, so this might be boring.

I spent last week laid up for the most part with a head cold.  I'm still not 100% over it.  It's lingering.  And now Hubs has it.   Weee. 

Sick or not, things had to be done, so I ran errands yesterday.  Walmart was Walmart.  I picked up necessities and stuff to combat this cold.  Then I stopped at the feed store and picked up supplies for the critters.  I got home and unloaded the groceries.  Hubs unloaded the feed.  Then we spent the rest of the day laying around.  

A brief thought on Robitussin Honey... not worth the extra money you pay for better tasting cough syrup.  And yeah, that's the only reason I bought it.  I took some last night to try and kick the last of this stuff in the ass.  Now I have medicine head like you wouldn't believe.  I could've gotten the same for about $5 less a bottle. 

If you checked in yesterday, you saw I didn't read much last week.  I got about 138 pages into a book that I DNF'd.  One would think that since I was home and sick, I would've been reading a lot.  Nope.  Wearing glasses was not an option.  They sat on the bridge of my nose, weighing on my sinuses and making me sneeze.  Which was part of the fun during that short span I was at the office.  

Don't even ask about activity.  Bleh.  However, being sick has reduced my weight.  Weight: 160.0.  Yep, lost about 4 pounds in 10 days.  I do not recommend this as a weight loss plan, though.  I expect that I'll go back up again after this.  We'll see.  On a brighter note, I learned yesterday that despite my lack of activity, I can still heft around a 40 pounds bag of birdseed.  Go me.

I worked about 20 hours last week.  Monday, half of Tuesday, and Friday.  Friday was playing catch-up for the days I missed.  And there are still things left undone which are running around in my head like a hamster on crack.

The big snowstorm they predicted last week ended up dumping about 2-4 inches of the white stuff.  So, totally not the 4-8 or 6-12 they'd predicted days earlier.  It was mostly gone by the time I went to work on Friday. Yay.  

My month of Ancestry ended on Wednesday.  I learned a lot this time around - mostly about people closer in the tree.  Cousins and whatnot.  The best part was talking to Mom and hearing her stories about people.  (Might not have been the best part of her... me rattling on endlessly about genealogy.)  I got to hear about the guy who worked as a clown, marketing cookies in the metropolitan Detroit area.  And the great aunt my grandmother hated, who apparently stunk.  And how my grandfather built the addition on the house she grew up in.  (I googled the address, so I could see it, and then we talked about her growing up there.)  Dudes, if you still have older people in your family that you can talk to about this stuff, do it now before it's too late.  I don't have my dad to talk to and I lost all his stories.  Thank goodness, Mom remembers his stuff as well as her own.  Also, thank goodness Mom's memory is still as sharp as a chef's knife.  

Okay, I think that's about it.  Maybe this post wasn't as boring as I thought it would be when I started.  And the medicine head is going away, too.  Yay.  Have a great day everyone.  I need to hit the Dollar General today because, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to buy Kleenex.  Derp.

How was your week?


  1. Sounds you on on the slow road to recovery and poor Hubs. Hope you both fight it off fast. Errands. Yeah. Probably today. Yay for geneology. Mine is weird, being adopted.

    Yeah, our big snow was a fizzle though some areas got nailed. Now they're talking ice. NEVER a good thing. Also, we went from 50 yesterday to 30 today. It's 23 out there. Thing is, tomorrow--which is usually Wallyworld day--it's supposed to be 17. Gotta go. I just hope they've had time to restock. Only said the grocery stores were crazy yesterday.

    I got several chapters checked off the first draft list. I'm at about 80% of the WIP. I've noticed that one of the things I need to add in revisions is more sexy times--not necessarily doing it--because sleeping bags, winter weather, outdoors, and lots of big and little ears!--but at least sexual tension. There's some, but not enough. I'm holding off until they hit civilization before that particular climax...

    Blood donor yesterday. Local rescue was there with two little pit puppies who barked every time someone walked in or out. Jake would just sigh and roll his eyes. He wanted nothing to do with them. Me? Oh yeah! I was petting and getting puppy kisses and loving. LOLOL

    Last night was the last indoor/winter soccer game. One of our best players was out of town. Stormy worked hard and played all three positions well but they lost 3-2. Bummer. We're clear of his sports until March.

    Reading was slow. I think you might like the LIBRARIAN book. Wish you had a good library there, with digital resources. I'm cheap. Unless I know I'm going to keep and reread a book, I do my best to borrow it. I've been known to borrow and then buy. At the same time, I've been known to think, "Hrmm. Lots of books in the series, all available at the library. I'm cheap. I'll borrow." LOLOL

    Okay, it's gray outside now and it's almost 8. I guess I should suck it up, get dressed and get to WW before the hordes hit. Feel better and have a good week! Later, tater.

  2. My brother caught a cold last week and Mom dosed him with Tussin. It made him so drowsy he fell asleep while eating lunch. Evil stuff!

    I'm reading waaay too much, and enjoying every minute of it. But I got another wholesale order, so I'll have to go back to work this week. Bother. ;-)

    Dad is gone, and Mom's memories are scattershot. She tells the same story two or three times in a row, and every time it's different. A bit scary.

    No snow here, but we did have a nice bit of rain. Unfortunately they're talking about freezing rain for the next couple of days. Time to get out the extra blankets!