Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thursday This n That

Last night, as I was trying to sleep, my brain decided it would be good to bombard me with ideas for the book.  I got up and wrote some down, which is usually enough to get my brain to shut up, but no, not last night.  I had more ideas after I laid back down.  I did not get up again.  Probably should've though because I wasn't sleeping anyway. 

Today I have to take a roadtrip to UPS.  One of the downsides of living in the boonies is going to UPS requires a roadtrip.  (Shut up, spellcheck, roadtrip should be one word.)  So, later this morning, after I shower and wake the hell up, Owl and I will load into the car and head out.  45 minutes there, 45 back over twisting, winding hillsides, and at one point, over the lake.  Hubs suggested we stop and have lunch.  Then I reminded him of the 'rona.  Umm, nopers.  Stupid 'rona.

I hate having to enter my password again, so to avoid that, if I even think I've fatfingered it, I go back and retype the whole thing.  Which is basically the same as having to enter it again.  I'm so weird sometimes.

If someone had told me thirty years ago that I would be this concerned with the size, frequency, and consistency of my cat's poop, I would've laughed in their face.

Despite being billed as 'fishing sunglasses', my new pair is not polarized.  Damn them.  How am I supposed to watch the little fishies in the water if my glasses aren't polarized?  I got spoiled by my last polarized pair.  =o(

I want cake.  Yesterday, I had a choice - make cake or make granola bars for Hubs.  I made granola bars because he's been out of them for a few days now.  But, man, do I ever want cake.  Maybe tomorrow since my morning today is full.

The other day we had a brown out, which happens often here, and my battery backup did it's job, except my monitor went off and wouldn't come back on.  So, I turned the battery backup off to reset everything.  My computer went off.  I swear it did.  When I turned it 'back on', it came out of some kind of weird 'sleep mode' and my programs were all still open, even my browser which still had me sitting at a poker table in a hand I would've won if the site hadn't timed me out.  I think this new computer has a battery in it.  Or something.  I would understand if it were a laptop, but it's a desktop.  Weird.  Anyway, I was totally weirded out.  :cue Twilight Zone music:

Okay, I suppose I should get my ass in gear and get some things done before I have to roadtrip.  (Added to dictionary as one word. Take THAT.)  Got any this n that's to add to the day?


  1. It's been a quiet week here. Not much going on. Some new words but nothing gangbusters. My hardest decision is what to fix for dinner.

    Saw a hummer yesterday. The feeder is almost out so I should retrieve it, wash it and refill. I really need to do that late in the evening when the hummers aren't out. I always worry that they'll come while I'm refilling and they'll freak out and never come back.

    My weird of the day isn't like techy weirdness which always makes me go wide-eyed. Nope. Had a Signal 30 (fatality accident) this morning. Motorcycle v. pedestrian. How does that even happen? Was the rider TRYING to run down the other? My accident reconstruction brain shorted out.

    Loki won't let me pet him with my hands. My feet? He throws himself in front of me and goes belly-up. I kick off my flipflops and get him with my toes. Who knew cats have foot fetishes? Also, he lets LG pet him. ALL. THE. TIME. With his hands. Stupid cat.

    My Cards are staying at .500. Sometimes they're brilliant and then...they aren't. Still, they have like 15 days of back-to-back games and half those days (or more) are double-headers. Granted, they're shortened to 7 innings but still! That's a LOT of playing time.

    There's not a whole lot else going on around here. The weather's nice for the timebeing. This is a good thing considering it's August. I like the lower electric bill as a result.

    That's pretty much it for me. Tomorrow's Friday and then the weekend. Like that's anything special these days. 🤣

  2. Yay to new ideas! Boo to lack of sleep. I hope you still remember the stuff you didn't write down.

    **ROFL** to concerns over cat poop quality! I entirely sympathize. Churchill has been eating geckos lately (I didn't think he was fast enough to catch them anymore) and the results are ... messy. I'll be glad when gecko season is over.

    I'm still babying a litter of 2" tall crape myrtles through heat and drought. With a little luck* I'll transplant them this fall to someplace where it'll be easier to care for them. And give some of them away!

    * The luck part is keeping them alive after I move them. Brown thumb, here.