Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 8/1/20

Well, there went the last week of July.  :waves buh-bye:  Unfortunately, July was not a good month for reading.  May August be better.

No new books of any kind.  No books finished.  No DNFs either.  And I'm not currently reading anything.  Nothing sounds interesting.  Blerg.

Sorry.  That was boring.  Here's hoping I have something more interesting to post on next week's reading wrap-up.

How was your reading week? 

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  1. Just rereads for me this week. Got three books listened to--the BADGER CHRONICLES by Shelly Laurenston. All were 4-3.5 stars. I'm not as "ahead" on my challenge as I have been. It's taking me longer to get through books. Not sure why because I'm sure not accomplishing anything else. Now I'm back to my In Death relisten. I have 3 books on hold at the library but it'll be a couple of weeks on them. New stuff, at least. I just hope I get into them. A few here lately have been fizzles with only one standout and I loved it last week.

    Hang in there. Go fishing.