Tuesday, August 25, 2020

So This Happened

Sunday I made a cake with BYE Owl and a frowny face on it.  Owl also said that with everything being so close, there wasn't any possible way for this to get screwed up.

I think we jinxed it.

Yesterday, Owl came out of her room and I knew something was wrong.  I was on my way out to the smoking porch, but I stopped and asked what was up.  She was all like 'oh, it can wait until after you have your cigarette' and I was all like 'okay, what's wrong? again.  Turns out she'd just gotten an email from the university.

Five days before she is due to fly north, the university announced that they're not allowing students into the dorms for an additional three weeks.  Oh, classes will start on time - online - but no housing.  Because there might be an outbreak due to Labor Day celebrations and they want to wait until after the outbreak is over to let students back into the dorms.  Or some such crap.  So conceivably, the earliest she might be able to move in is Sept. 20th. 

There is an outside chance she will get a 'special dispensation' to move in on time, but she's running out of time to change flights and rental car reservations, so they'd better get off their asses and tell her whether she can move or not.

And, of course, there's no telling whether in three weeks, they'll decide to move the goalposts again.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day playing poker because everything else I wanted to do to bleed off stress - throw logs, go fishing, walk - was crapped out by the heat.  I hate this shit. 

Updated 8:20pm:  Owl got an email saying she was getting special dispensation and can move in on Saturday as scheduled.  :cue screeching of tires and grinding of gears:  Thankfully, she did not cancel or change her flights or her rental car.  Everything is back on for Friday.  :collapses in a heap:


  1. Argh! I signed out instead of publishing. Grrr. Blogger is just backwards. Anyway, in a nutshell **BIG HUGS** I know both of are bummed and stressed. Here's hoping the U gets it's stuff together and gives her special dispensation to move in early. Because, like she'd be the only one there and probably safer and remaining healthier than those staying off campus. Crossing fingers they get off their arses and decide soon!

    The heat is back but September is just around the corner and hopefully cooler weather is tagging along on it's coattails. Hang in there! ��

  2. Hugs to you and to Owl! I hope she gets her dispensation in time to catch her plane.