Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 33

Hello.  It's bright and early on Sunday here and I'm doing the Sunday Update post now because I forgot to write it up yesterday, like I forgot so many other things this week.  No excuses, just brainfarting out. 

One thing I didn't forget?  The writing.  Twenty-three days straight with an average of about 950 words a day and 21865 words total for August and added to Cinder Ugly.  And as of last night, I can officially say I'm finished.  The first draft of CU is 59789 words.  Everything's wrapped up as far as I can tell.  I guess I'll find out for sure in edits.  Still not sure what I'm going to do for the next 8 days of AuGoWriMo

No editing, no marketing. 

Reading was kind of pathetic.  Only one book finished.  And it wasn't nearly as much fun as I thought it was going to be.  Last night, I started a Dick Francis mystery I picked up at the thrift store.  Haven't read one of those in ages.  So far, so good.  Until I get the first round of edits done, I'll be sticking to hardcopy books so my Kindle is available for this phase of book creation.

On the activity front, I really only did 4 out of 7 days of exercise-y things - all walking - and that one day of roadtrip, which shouldn't really count as activity.  Weight 178.6 as of Thursday morning.

This is the last week of Owl's self-isolation in the back of beyond.  Friday, she will be winging her way back to Michigan and her life as she knew it before with added 'rona stuffs (or deleted stuff due to 'rona as the case may be).  Our lives will also return to as normal as they can be in the midst of this crap.  Everybody send positive thoughts that it all goes off without a hitch, k?

Today, I'll be baking a 'going away' cake.  Chocolate oil with cream cheese frosting.  And I did oatmeal cookies this week.  Also... It wasn't baking, but yesterday I made mostly-homemade spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes and green peppers (I supplemented it with Prego Traditional).  It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself and it got thumbs up from Hubs and Owl.

I'm over 2mil in poker now.  It's all two steps forward and one step back, so we'll see how that goes.  Like I said, it's strictly play money, so it doesn't really matter.  It just give me the illusion I'm accomplishing something.  And hey, it's something to do since TV is the shits and FB is mostly depressing. 

It's super quiet in the house right now.  Owl went to bed and Hubs is still sleeping.  Kira is snoring in her cubby hole next to the filing cabinet.  And here I am, chugging coffee and contemplating the universe.

What went on in your world last week?  Any plans for the coming week? 


  1. Let's see... The higlights (or lowlights as the case may be...)

    Like an idiot, I peeled back the foil on a dish that had been baking and the steam scalded my left middle finger bad enoug it blistered.

    I've gained almost 20 lbs. since this shit started. Doesn't seem to matter what I do or how I eat, the weight keeps creeping up. It's a pisser.

    My word count widget stooped working. I think it has to do with bandwidth on the developers end but now I'm searching for a replacement that I can code as easy as the current one. I keep hoping it'll fix itself, as this has happened in the past.

    That said, I HAVE been making progress. I'm going to have to knuckle down if I plan on finishing the current WIP by the end of the month. The plot and characters are cooperating, it's me. I just "don't wanna!" Which is stupid.

    I refilled the hummingbird feeder. I haven't seen any but the level has gone down a smidge and it's not due to air pressure. Those things make excellent barometers. LOL

    Haven't seen the kittens lately but the cauldron of "chat noir" dudes all hang out on the porch in the evening.

    I have been sleeping a bit better the last few nights. That's something at least.

    And finally, the book listening is excellent around here.

    Now I'm tempted to just copy and paste this over to my blog and tomorrow's Monday update is all ready to go! 🤣

    Plans for the week including berating myself for being a slug--both physically and writerly--and write like a demon child to finish NIGHT WISH. We'll see how that goes...

    Have a great one whatever you decide to do and 🤞 for Owl's safe reintroduction to the wider world and return to her brand of normalcy.

  2. Wishing Owl all the best, and a safe time at U.

    Hooray for finishing the first draft! Congratulations!

    I feel like I accomplished nothing all week, but I did finish a few illustrations. I did help Mom out a bit while my sister went on vacation -- my brother, who was supposed to take care of the dogs, put out his back -- but Mom did all the work. I was mostly moral support.

    Churchill is still plugging along, and still speedy enough to catch geckos. I do wish they'd run faster!

  3. Also, congrats on typing THE END. I though I'd put that in but I obviously was too wrapped up in myself. LOL Proud of you for finishing!