Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 31

Ah, the end of another fun-filled week of 2020.  Yippee. But let's leave the rest of the world aside for now.  It actually was a pretty good week here.

First off, I was writing!  Every day.  6339 words out this past week.  Sure, that's not rolling thunder across the keyboard or anything, but it works for me.

I didn't read gangbusters either, but I read an entire book.  And not a short one either.  It was a 300+ page hardcover of Agatha Christie short stories.  I love Christie.  Yesterday, I started a newly published cozy mystery.  And I DNF'd it last night.  I'll share more about that on next week's wrap-up.

Also, I did seven days worth of being active.  Five of those days, I walked between a mile and 1.6 miles.  One day was cleaning.  One day was baking.  Yes, baking can be active.  You try making a batch of zucchini bread in the morning and then pizza crust in the afternoon.  Between the stirring and the kneading, my arms got a workout.  So there.  Let's not talk weight, though.  K?  K.

Other than that, life's okay.  I've been navigating Dollar General with a mask on and while it sucks, I've kicked the panic attacks out the door.  Okay, not entirely kicked, but I did shove them down and spit at them.

Nothing new to report in the deer department.  Or the fishing department.

If there's anything I missed, let me know.

How was your week 31?


  1. Those are all good things! Except for the DNF. I sorta had one of those too. Ah well. On to the next.

    I started out the week with writing pistols firing, then...yeah. However, I made up for it yesterday. I figured out a couple of things that should help the story move forward.

    I love favorite series. They never let me down.

    Stormy came Friday. He and his Big Daddy goofed around, he ate lunch, then we did a page in a summer school workbook. He's coming back at least tomorrow and Tuesday all day and probably to spend the night. Baseball Boy getting ready for school and Stormy's not open yet.

    Not much else going on. Hot and humid weather is back. Makes me sad. Cards are still not playing. I've said screw it and Jake goes with me when I go do errands. We're both happier.

    Time to finish my coffee and stare at the notes I made yesterday when I quit and then on to the next chapter!

    Here's to a productive week, no matter what you do! AuGoWriMo FTW! Right? Right!

  2. Yay to getting so much writing done! You must be nearing the end of your first draft. I love watching your counter go up!

    We won't talk about what I did last week, 'cuz I don't remember there *being* a week. Not a complete bust, but nothing to brag about.

    I did get a ton of pattern orders over the weekend, though. Hooray!