Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday This n That

Sitting here, smoking a cigarette and drinking my coffee, wondering why I'm not seeing the usual Wednesday posts at the top of my blogroll when a thought suddenly occurs to me... Oh!  It's Thursday.  Well, crap.  And this was after I knew it was Thursday enough to send my timesheet in to the office.  Derp.

The little gray cells they are wonderful things.  And also sometimes a little stupid.  (Yes, I have been reading Hercule Poirot.)

Yesterday, I was out and about.  While I was at the feed store, I used the last check in my checkbook, so I did what I always do - I scribbled a circle on my left hand to remind me to put new checks in the checkbook when I get home.  My friend who works there gave me a look - cuz like scribbling on one's hand is a bit nuts - so I explained what I was doing.  She thought that was a pretty good idea and I told her it was one of the little tricks I use because I'm brain damaged.  She laughed, because it is a pretty good joke, but then I told her the truth of it.  I don't know why I still feel the need to do that.  25 years is a long time and I should probably let that shit go.

It worked, btw.  I have new checks in my checkbook now.

The SCIU sale is underway.  My ad should be out sometime this morning.  :fingers crossed:

I know we saw our first fawn on the 10th, but a couple days ago, another fawn came scampering into the yard.  (It's mom was already here.)  So tiny.  So cute.  Still, didn't get a pic.  I didn't even think to grab the camera.  Then it and mom were gone.  We were pretty excited.

I never realized how much these blue candles smell like fabric softener sheets until this morning when I couldn't figure out why I was smelling dryer sheets when Hubs wasn't doing laundry and neither of us were wearing fresh out of the drawer clothes.  Derp.  At least it's nice to know the candles are working.

My eat an elephant thing seems to be working.  Or it was until yesterday when instead of eating any of either elephant, I did grocery shopping and marketing, then I read and watched Live PD.  Oh, well, today is another day.

How are the this n thats in your world?

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  1. Shopping, marketing, and Live PD are a fact of life. Just sayin'. Yay for fawns, hacks, etc.

    Loki, Kitten God of Mishief and Mayhem, can now climb the bedspread and has taken to sleeping with me. I woke up this morning to a nose full of kitten fur as he decided my face was a good place to curl up. He's also gotten bold enough to attack the tails of two very LARGE doggos. Good thing the boys are patient.

    Speaking of doggos, Gentleman Jake LOVES car rides and always gives me such sad (and disapproving) looks when I tell him he can't go with me because it's too hot for him to stay in the car. I take him on drive-thru errands. He is a big fan of "pupacinos" at Starbucks (a small cup of whipped cream.) I feel bad that Boone doesn't get one, so he cuts a large squirt of Redi-whip in a bowl when we get home.

    Today there is not enough coffee in the world.

    Only confirmed that she gets to go to NYC with me in July. Yay! We haven't had a girl's only trip in ages. We'll have one full day just to play around and then bits and pieces of other time.

    I'm taking very small bites of the elephant that is my WIP. I have 10 days. I need to stop putting it off and just get the blasted thing done. Right? Right!

    On that note, I'm outta here! Good luck on the sale. Hope my boosting the signal helped a little.