Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 6/8/19

Hello again!

It was a pretty good reading week, even if everything I read wasn't pretty good.

I've been keeping to my personal mandate about not downloading any more books until I read the ones I've got.  Only one new ebook since last week's wrap-up - a noir crime novel set way in the future (SF crime noir?).  So, I'm at 7 ebooks.  Umm, hardcopies... yeah... I have 16 new ones.  In my defense one of the thrift stores had paperbacks 6/$1.  So, I dropped $2 there.  And $2 at the other place for 4 books.  It's a sickness.

Books read:

52) Mildred in Disguise With Diamonds by Toni Kief (6/7/19) - Mystery*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Picked up as a freebie after seeing it on the Fussy Librarian newsletter.
Review: "Cute and fun mystery. There's a lot to it - twists and turns and surprises - and while some of the stuff being thrown around may not seem to be pertinent, it mostly is. It's a wild ride. Loved Mildred. Loved the cat. Loved the other characters. Good plot, good premise, good amount of humor. Definitely a must read - even if you're not quite a member of the older set yet."

51) The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (6/6/19) - Mystery - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  This was part of a bunch of Christie paperbacks I got at St. Vinny's for 50c each.
Review: "I hadn't read this in years, so I really didn't remember much of the story - other than the whodunnit. Still as good as I thought it was back then. Definitely interesting on the re-read to see if I could catch the killer leaving clues, but I still had to wait for Poirot to reveal it all at the end."
Caveat:  According to Goodreads, I read this back in 2017, but I seriously do not remember reading it then.  I originally thought I hadn't read this since before I married Hubs.  Derp.  The little gray cells... sometimes they fail me.  ;o)

50) A Treasury of Great Science Fiction: Vol 1 by Various (6/3/19) - SF Anthology - 3 stars.  Some new to me and some not.  Picked up ages ago at a thrift store.  Probably paid 50c.
No Review.
Suffice it to say calling this 'great science fiction' was subjective.  The first story was good.  The rest?  Meh or bleh.  I skipped several and DNF'd others.  Still, I might keep it for the first story alone.

49) Storm Breather by Arthur King (6/3/19) - Fantasy *# - 3 stars.  New to me and... well, less than 50 reviews, so it counts.  Got this as a freebie from Reading Deals.
No Review.
I thought it was a pretty good story - that could be helped by the use of a really good proofreader - until I got to the end.  GAH!  It just stops!  No resolution of ANYTHING.  Is this a new trend in Fantasy?  Because I don't like it one bit.

48) Death Report by Erik Racker (6/1/19) - Suspense*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated in reviews on Amazon.  Snagged this from the ENT Newsletter for free.
Review: "Good read! I liked the back and forth between the villain's and the main character's points of view. Loved the villain and the hero. And the premise that puts them opposite each other. I'll definitely be looking into this series later."

6/6/19 - UF.  It was a pretty good story, good writing, solid editing... and then, about 15-20% of the way in, it went all hippy-dippy, eco-freako on me.  Not your target market here.  NEXT!  Lucky for me, it was free.

Currently reading...  I started on one of the suspense novels I picked up at the thrift store last month.

And that's it for me.  What did you read last week?  Anything good?

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  1. I'm still in comfort read/series read leading to new release mode. Nalini Singh and her Psy-Changeling series is a perenial favorite. Literally. I listen to the entire series (sometimes including all the novellas) in prep for the new release. Considering how many books in this series now, I may have to stop that but...this series is in my Top 10. I'm on SHARDS OF HOPE, which is #14. One more after this book and then the series shifts into the spin-off/continuation series of Trinity. There are two books in that series--including one of my all time favorites because BEARS!--and then the newest addition. Yay. By this time next week, I should be onto something new.

    Glad you found some good reads!