Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 25

Well, that week flew by.  Whoosh.

I did manage to finally get my ass in gear and get some editing done.  Not a huge amount, but you don't eat the elephant all at once, you know.  I have three pages worth of edit notes left to go and then I have to go back and fix the big things.  I'd hope to be getting into that by Monday, but things happen and life has other plans sometimes.  Bleh.

I've been working on marketing again, since the SCIU books are all on sale.  The ad did me some good and paid for itself.  Then crickets.  But I still have 3 days left and I'm not giving up without a fight.

I did get a good amount of reading done.  And I finished the book in the 'currently reading' section yesterday afternoon.  Then I started on a Mickey Spillane.

Only four active days out of seven, but I'm okay with that.  The stamina is improving all the time and that's really the big thing.  If I can walk the loop (a mile worth of hills and curves) and then come home and spray the driveway for weeds and not be toast, life is good.  Okay, so I was a wee bit toasty the next day, but not toast the same day.  ;o)

We have now seen four individual fawns.  Two singles (one definitely larger than the other) and a set of twins. 

My hollyhocks are blooming.  The white ones anyway.  Something munched off the buds on the red one that was close to blooming.  :shrug:

No baking this week.  The temps are climbing into the summer range, which makes me not want to turn on the oven. 

The spiders are back and making webs all over the yard again.  Yesterday, I went all yard ninja on their asses - took a broom and went through the whole yard, knocking down webs - so Hubs could mow without getting a web to the face. 

Well, that seems like everything.  If I forgot anything, it probably wasn't that important anyway.  What was up in your week? 


  1. Yay for fawns, boo on webs--unless they belong to a Charlotte and are someplace where I can admire but not get a face-full. Glad the ad paid for itself. Hopefully some late-comers will trail in.

    As for me, there was a week. It passed.

    It was hot. Then it stormed. Then it got hot again. Rain this morning. At least that means slightly cooler temps.

    Got to watch Stormageddon play T-ball Friday evening. Monday's game was canceled due to muddy fields. He had a game yesterday but LG was under the weather so we didn't go. He hit a double. Of course. Murphy's Law of Grandparents.

    Loki and Gentleman Jake continue to entertain us. Well, Loki does. Jake is just sweet and snuggly.

    I got a couple thousand words written. I need way more than that in the next week. I need to make the world go away and focus. I suspect I'll be notifying my editor that I need more time. I'm writing scenes now, hoping it'll all come together in the end.

    It rained this morning. Right after I got up and let the dogs out. Whew. Boone won't go out in the rain unless his bladder is about to burst. Then the rain really hit. I went back to bed. There's something about listening to the rain early in the morning that makes me lazy. Still raining. But words. Need to get them on the screen.

    On that note...Have a great day. Stay dry!

  2. Yay for editing and for fawns! I hope you get a pic.

    It's too hot for the oven here, too. Not that I *ever* cook much...

    One of my crape myrtles is blooming! Hooray! None of them did last year. I'm giving our extra rain the credit, since I don't deserve it.

    I'm maybe a quarter the way through 1869. Getting there! :-)