Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 6/29/19

Good morning!  It was a pretty good reading week even if I did have some DNFs.

It was also a good week for picking up some new ebooks.  I got five new ones - a historical mystery, a MG fantasy, an UF, a suspense, and a mystery.  Add that to the two I still have left (mystery and post-apocalyptic UF) to read from before - so seven.

Books read:

 60)  The Predator and the Prey by KC Sivils(6/26/19) - SF Suspense*# - 5 stars.  New to me and kind of underappreciated.  Got this for free off the Book Adrenaline newsletter.
Review: "What an awesome story. Sure, it had some editing and formatting issues, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from an entertaining read. Sullivan kicks ass. The supporting good characters are all interesting, sympathetic people. Of course, the villains are particularly slimy and vile. And of course, it ends well with the central plot wrapped up. There are still threads that need tying up, though. Onward to the sequel!"

59) The Snake by Mickey Spillane (6/23/19) - Hard-boiled Crime - 5 stars.  It's Mickey Spillane.  Duh.  I've had this one for years.  No clue what I paid for it.
No Review.

58) Murder in the Forbidden City by Amanda Roberts (6/22/19) - Mystery* - 5 stars.  New to me, but not underappreciated.  Got this for free off the Book Gorilla newsletter.
Review: "An interesting look into 19th century China and its Imperial Court with what seemed like more updated language for more modern readers. Plus, it had an intriguing mystery with plenty of twists and a whodunnit I didn't see coming. Good stuff. The hint of romance was surprising, but cool. Definitely worth a read. I'm glad I picked this one up. It was a refreshingly different read while still feeding my love of mysteries."


6/24/19 - Mystery.  Could've used a kind editor to stop them from constantly naming characters "Did you hear what I said, Mary?" "Yes, John."  "Well then, Mary, I suggest listen to our friend, Paul."  "I agree with John."  "Oh, shut up, Paul."  I understand that in certain circles, dialogue tags are verboten, but I think they might be preferable to the above.  I tried ignoring it because the premise seemed sound, but I ultimately gave up.  Free.

6/23/19 - Fantasy.  Meh.  The beginning seemed interesting, if too much like a few other fantasies I've read, but then the MC meets a dude on the road who seems to want to give the entire backstory of the world in one sitting.  I got bored and wandered off.  Free.

Currently reading...a courtroom thriller I've had since the 20th.  I haven't read one of these in a while and while this is good, it's not so much thrilling as suspenseful so far.  We'll see if it gets thrilling later.

And that's all for me this week.  How was your reading week?


  1. I recently discovered Seanan McGuire. Loving her work! I guess you'd call it Urban Fantasy. I tend to read them in one night, which means I'm waaay shorted on sleep the next day.

  2. I'm a day late. Oh, well. I finished up my re-listen of Christine Feehan's Shadow series, along with the newest release. Neither unknown or underappreciated.

    Moved on to EVEN TREE NYMPHS GET THE BLUES, a novella length audio book that was free to Audible subscribers. Molly Harper writes light comedic paranormal and this series is set Mystic Bayou, Louisiana.

    I then did two quick listens by an author who sort of drives me nuts with how loosely she plays with RL procedures in my areas of expertise but who creates characters you have to root for. In the middle of those, the latest book in JR Ward's Brotherhood books hit my library app. THE SAVIOUR is my favorite and I actually gave it 5 stars when most of her other got 3-4 stars.

    None of the books were unappreciated or by unknowns but with everything going on around me, I'm looking for dependable comfort reads. I'll get adventurous another time. Happy reading!